Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wednesday, April 25th, 2012.
Dear New Readers,


My name is Isabel Matos and this is my first entry on this new blog called "the FOLLOW-UP".

It has been my belief all along that the Bush family runs the Republican Party, or the “GOP” as we know it. Their family resume includes two presidents, two governorships and a long history in political life, and seniority, as you well know, gives priority to members within the leadership. It has also been my belief all along that because of their political leanings (not conservative) and their quest for power (JEB 2016), that they have done everything possible to make you and me (the threat to their existence) feel powerless and discouraged, after all, we are just "the people". It is no surprise to me they have supported Romney since 2007.

What I find a bit shocking is how many conservatives who follow politics closely, still DO NOT SEE what the Party is guilty of doing. There IS no appetite for the business-as-usual; however, some are still willing to submit to voting for a nominee the party has chosen for us, and it is only April. Please indulge me in explaining why a strategy like this is not only disappointing, especially after everything we have done to get to where we are today, but a bad precedent for elections to come. If the ELITE in the party know we are giving up so soon, they score! They have been stubborn because we have been effective! And to shift the dynamic of power and influence on our side we must standing firmly in place so they are forced to come to us in the end. Think of it as reachig across the aisle. It doesn't work! NO DEAL! (I know most of you reading this are standing firmly.)

I have said for months that this election has never been about choosing one candidate or another. It has been about the GOP choosing the candidate that best suits their needs, which happens to not coincide with ours. They have done everything in their power to stop Sarah Palin from running because she represents "US", and they despise everything we stand for. We interfere with their plans for growing a progressive agenda. This is our challenge: we do not have the luxury of showing them we are really scared this time. They counting on our FEAR that Obama might win to steer us into voting for their candidate. They have done that before. It is deceptive on their part as they have shown no sense of urgency to defeat Obama thus far. Where have they been in the last four years? Ask Boehner and you will know. At one point, Jeb Bush even urged candidates to tone down the attacks on the Obama administration. Incredible! If we succumb to their manipulation of a genuine fear we have, we lose already! By showing we are disheartened or defeated, they score!

Times like these require extraordinary courage on our part. WE must not relent! We must remind them who the boss is: WE ARE! It takes COURAGE to stand up to a MACHINE as powerful as the GOP's but we must do so because they want us out of their way. It will take WILL-POWER to push back and shout: NOT THIS TIME! IT will take courage to ACT ON these words: “READ MY LIPS, AMERICA, NO NEW RINOS!” It will take courage to push back and tell JEB, his father, the RNC and Fox News, that they can take their liberal progressive message and SHOVE IT! Above all, it will take courage to let them know that WE know what Romney will do if he is sworn in: answer to them, the Old Guard (check his campaign managers in New Hampshire and elsewhere!), and not us. It will take everything we have to fight, but why should we show allegiance to those who claim to represent us yet betray us? Seeing people, who I know are patriots, on the verge of despair because do not want to vote for ROMNEY IS WHAT THE GOP WANTS! They want to stick it to us.

This "victory" of Romney's will soon be over. Just like you and me, Sarah Palin must be watching their every move. She must know their war on us is real. She must know IT IS THEIR INTENTION to keep us as far removed from the process as possible. She must know how powerful the machine is and how wrong for America Progressivism is right now. She has to know. Being the patriot that I have learned more about and who she is, I believe with all my heart that she will not stand by and let them get away it. If anyone is planning on jumping off a bridge by saying this race is over, please save them, because the fun has just begun. It isn’t November 6th, yet! WE have a lot to do. I like pushing back, so please
R.E.S.I.S.T., R.E.S.I.S.T., R.E.S.I.S.T. the will of the GOP.

Warn them: YOU'RE ON NOTICE! YOU WILL NOT GET BETWEEN ME and MY FIRST CHOICE for President! You will not create a "Reform Conservative" Party. We dont "buy" the product you are trying to sell us. WE are courageous, faithful and on a mission. We are TEA-PARTY patriots and RED-WHITE-and-BLUE Americans, and our will to fight you is greater than yours to take on OBAMA (which you have failed miserably to do!) When we are done with you, our Candidate will take HIM on and show you how it's done! We will take this party, give it back to the people where it belongs, and declare it the party of the WHITE GUY, the BLACK GUY, the WOMAN, and yes, the DOG!

For the sake of the country we will not be stopped until we get what we want and deserve!

For the sake of the country, WE will not forget what you have done in the past.

For the sake of the country, we will not move on. We will stand firmly behind our first choice.

We will emerge victorious without you in 2012, and it will NOT be a hollow victory! On the contrary, it will be an EPIC VICTORY for the people as we did not allow ourselves to be distracted, swayed, steered or betrayed by you! Sarah Palin said "Never Again" in 2008 referring to OBama. But I say NEVER AGAIN will you think you can force us vote for someone we do not want. NEVER AGAIN will we be used by and disrespected. NEVER
again will our candidates campaign on TEA party principles and break their promises if we can help it, NEVER AGAIN will we rely on you to do what is right when we need you to. NEVER AGAIN! Instead, we will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE and make sure history is written correctly: that when the election is over YOU were on the WRONG side all along. WE WILL HAVE DEFEATED OBAMA in spite of you. We will prove you never cared about us and that WE are not an unenthused, REpublican Party, only the ELITE is! No. WE the PEOPLE are on FIRE!! And our message came through loud and clear, We RESISTED, YOU FAILED and We PREVAILED! God save us.

Thank you for reading!

           ~   This is the day the LOrd has made, let us rejoice and be glad!   ~