Thursday, July 3, 2014

Laura Ingraham's "Draconian" Measures for Border Crisis

By Isabel Matos

Laura Ingraham has been a consistent champion against amnesty and any politician who is for it, saying repeatedly this is not a party issue but an American one. She was on Bill O'Reilly last night and owned him for 15 minutes, hitting hard on 1) deportation (saying federal, state and local worked together like they used to). Deport illegal aliens not by the dozens or hundreds but by the thousands, keeping entire families together. 2) stopping visas and foreign aid to countries who do NOT repatriate their citizens for coming from their country to this one illegally, like Guatemala, [El] Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, some of the South American countries 3) terminating birthright citizenship (which is not required by the Constitution and does not require a constitutional amendment), 4) having severe civil penalties against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants undercutting American workers and legal immigrants working for a decent wage, and criminal penalties for successive violations. 5) building a wall or fence in places along the border that is practical and enforcing the border with the national guards, and filing lawsuits against states that do not enforce the border.Taking magnets away such as welfare for households, food stamps, disability, bank accounts and housing should not be allowed. O'Reilly argued that mass deportations would make the Republican Party obsolete. It would ensure Hillary Clinton's election in 2016.  He said that was Rove's argument and called these measures draconian. He also said 67%  of Americans want some kind of pathway. Ingraham pointed out the GOPe is buying the left's argument and that Karl Rove has made electoral mistakes in the last few elections. O'Reilly insisted it could be done without destroying the party. Laura replied: The Republican Party has done a good job of destroying itself.
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