Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Marco Rubio is Important

I am finally presenting my full response to Marco Rubio’s speeches in English and Spanish following SOTU last week.  Because I am a new user on youtube, I am limited to just fifteen minutes of presentation time.  I went over the mark by two minutes, so I had to use another channel, edit it, which was a nightmare, and upload it all over again. I am glad I figured it out before this year was over! Enjoy.

I saw the Rubio speech in Spanish, and it was superior to his presentation in English.  He was not nervous.  He did speak a little longer, appealing to single mothers at one point, which I thought was more pandering on his part.  Needless to say, everyone has been talking about the ”sippy cup” incident.  He made a $100,000 off the sale of his water bottles, which is pathetic in itself, and he continues to make light of it worldwide.  It’s all fake!

For over a year and a half, I have focused on our GOP – its key players who are indeed our enemies, the endless steering and manipulation of the election process, and the corruption of Tea Party candidates.  Rove’s shenanigans are being exposed, and Marco Rubio’s association with him should attract our attention, because it is marking his departure from “the people”.

It is important to note that he defended Rove and the American Crossroads group’s project to find the most “conservative” electable candidates. In a one-on-one interview with The Brody File recently, Rubio said:  “They both have a place in politics”, referring to Rove and the Tea Party.  As we know, Rove has an abysmal track record of finding conservatives and has complete disdain (for whatever reason) for the Tea Party, thus the outrage.
Thieves always enter through the weakest links.
Rubio’s blind ambition is exploitable. Rove financed him in 2010 with millions, so that should concern us. His character flaw is also easy target for cunning by the left, and as a prop for Obama. As Rubio basks in opportunities for fame and attention, his false sense of ”grandeur” is a gift to President Obama who can use it to his advantage.  I wish Rubio knew how much stature he will have lost because of his character flaw, blind ambition, and what a predicament it puts us in.  This IS his crossroads and the point of no return if he does not take seriously, not personally, these warnings.
Again, psychologically, the left knows Rubio would sell his soul for attention, and Karl Rove, who has evil intentions himself to undermine us, does so, too.  Why don't his supporters want to see the truth that he is not feared or respected.  Someone needs to talk to Senator Rubio with maturity and honesty; unfortunately, those closest to him are not the least bit interested in the facts, or hearing those of us who want to share them.  As they continue to deny what is happening, Obama advances in all areas and with all groups while blaming and dividing Republicans.
If I were Rubio, I would stop listening to all my “yes” people. 
It cannot feel good to lose control of a message you intended to be taken seriously, or to be mocked and portrayed as an idiot on a national scale. It cannot feel good to lose the respect of constituents who were betrayed, not unless you do not have a conscience anyway. It remains to be seen if he does or does not. If Rubio wants to be taken seriously, he needs to heed these warnings seriously and not take them as personal attacks. They are for his own good and the party’s, which has been at the point of no return.
Just because Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are projecting their own integrity onto candidates, does not mean Rubio’s supporters should be gloating about his performance, corruption and comportment.  Eventually the truth will be known, and sooner than later if I can help it.  I am also very disappointed in other commentators comparing this incident to palinization.  Nothing could be further from reality. To compare self-afflicted wounds which he deserves to pay the consequences for by his actions, to the savage and unfounded lies, smears and violent threats against Sarah Palin’s life, is beyond insulting.
I have given Senator Rubio ample opportunity to show me he IS part of the solution, but he is officially ”our problem child” now.  This latest episode is yet another red flag that he is headed in a wrong direction.
Supporters, put the RUBIO 2016 signs down!

Stop lying to your politicians, and to yourselves about them!  Eventually the truth will catch up with you and we will all have paid the price for such mistakes.  This is a team (against the Democrats), and weak players should not be encouraged!  Great public relations and $100,000 will never make up for what cannot be hidden. He is not Presidential material.  How did the mantra of Romney being the most electable work out for all of us? It’s happening all over again. If we don’t catch this in time, it will be impossible to fight it later.
Senator Rubio still has an open invitation, which I have extended through different channels, to have a face-to-face with me to discuss his association with our enemies.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Experience at CPAC, February 11th, 2012.

My Experience at CPAC, February 11th, 2012.
by Wayne Mazza

I have posted this before. This was my view from the experience I witnessed at CPAC, and something every American should know regarding Governor Sarah Palin’s minute prior to her speech at CPAC.

The atmosphere while waiting for Governor Palin to come out was electrifying. 

When she made her appearance, she walked on that stage with power.

Make no mistake, this power was not authoritarian.

It was a power of command and control with great confidence, command in the sense of absolute attention, control as compared to giving direct orders in the face of battle under extreme odds.

She walked on that stage as a defender of every single American, not as a conqueror with empty words.

She did not stutter during her delivery.  She had no “mind gone blank” moment. She made no pie in the sky comments regarding our future. She stole no one's phrases to promote herself other than mocking President Oblah, blah, blah.

She came to the speech armed with the ammunition of truth, common sense, a record of accomplishment, and went for the jugular of President Obama , the DNC and RNC corruption.

You see, this non-candidate is setting the tone, not only for the presidential election, but the house and senate seats also.

She can walk with the power of Command and Control because her record bears what is lacking in Washington DC politics.

Governor Palin is a leader with a true “Servant's Heart”.  This term is foreign not only to our leaders, but a good sized population of the American people.

Serving with a Servant's Heart means putting the country before yourself which she has done time an time again.

It is a shame that the majority of the people are going to settle for the current field. 

Citizens of this country should be demanding that the RNC ask her to get in this race.

To be honest, the RNC should swallow their pride, put country first, and beg Governor Palin to get in this race.

We have come a long way since February of last year, and the news that Sarah Palin will once again have the opportunity to show that she is indeed has all the qualities of natural abilities to be commander in the chief, is wonderful!  May the continued blessings of her popularity and relevance grow and win minds and hearts in these next four years, but first and foremost, may our resolve to place relentless attention and focus on what needs to be done for 2014 not waver.
It is with great anticipation and excitement that we await her formal appearance at CPAC again. We could not be more fortunate to have a leader such as Sarah during one of the worst moments in our nation's history.  I am confident and proud that as her supporters, we will help her vision prevail.
These are reactions from last year's speech which ROCKED the house!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

They are All Rhinos (with an H)!

Green RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen Rhinoceros
It has been explained to me millions of times: Rino means ”Republican in name only", but I always wondered if the term had any relation to the French play I read in college, Rhinoceros. After all, the image is used to depict that special breed in our party which many of us have grown to despise - those who betray the conservative principles they are supposed to stand on. Would it not be the juiciest coincidence in the world that the "Rinos" we know today - those who have turned against us, their very own, may have derived their name from the herd of "Rhinos" running amuck in a quiet little provincial town.

I decided to finally check for myself, and reread the play in its entirety. What a difference thirty years makes (almost)! I absorbed most of it in one afternoon, and did so with a great deal of interest and a heightened sense of awareness, because of my intimate involvement in politics today. I was glad I did not use the Wikipedia to refresh my memory. There is nothing like nourishing one's mind or elevating one's spirit with literature (or art), or savoring the nuggets of wisdom and pure genius first hand, in the original language, when one is overwhelmed by the depths of the crass and vulgar actions that politics reduces individuals to.

Rhinoceros was written in 1961, by avant-garde playwright, Eugene Ionesco, of Romanian-French descent. Amazingly, its valuable lessons can be still be applied today; specifically, to the situation we find ourselves in, in our party. You can decide for yourself if it is true. My translated, summarized version of the author’s forward is followed by a summary of the plot and a brief analysis.

Rhinoceros is an anti-Nazi piece inspired by events in the late 1930’s; however, it is more importantly, against collective hysteria in general, in which epidemics hidden under the guise or “alibis” of ideologies are used for the de-reasoning of history itself. If one notes that the lies of propaganda are used to mask contradictions that exist between events and the ideologies that support them, and gave reality a true, lucid look, it would be enough to prevent us from succumbing to irrational reasoning, and to escape from its vertigos.

The hero of the play, Berenger, is allergic to the invasion of “delirium and strange magic” that attracts his friends, colleagues and neighbors, which turns them into rhinoceroses one by one. He is saved from the fate of becoming one himself because he fights so adamantly against, but must deal with the uneasiness that comes from standing alone in resisting the “collective” storms.

Ionesco selects as a protagonist an anti-intellectual, or simple man, to expose not only the absurdity of the systems that engulf, dumb down and eventually enslave others, but the so-called “intellectuals” whose pretenses include feeling like they know more than others because they have read a novel, newspaper article, or two. They are among the first in the play to be duped and swept away by the forces of the absurd system which they themselves cannot identify.

The Rhinoceroses appear gradually in the play: first in the public square, then at an office building, then in the neighbor's apartment building, and eventually in the fire department, police station and other official areas. At every instance, Berenger questions what it is that makes those around him change, and forces himself be intensely vigilant. He checks himself constantly for minor changes in the mirror, wears a bandage around his head to ensure he does let a horn grow on his forehead, and asks others to check him for any changes, too. He fights against becoming a rhinoceros with his whole being.

The most dramatic moment in the play is the transformation of his best friend, Jean, who lectures Berenger about being a more well-groomed, cultivated and informed in the beginning scenes of the play. Berenger, who is a careless drinker and a bit of a sloppy dresser, does not care much about this, but listens anyway and tries to become a better person just to please his friend. He is not proud or pretentious. When Jean’s views begin to evolve from a man of reason into a man of a new “reasoning” and mentality, Berenger is taken aback.

In this dramatic scene, Jean begins to identify with the point of view of an animal, the rhinoceros, reasoning that it is not as bad of an animal as people say, to which Berenger replies: As long as its mentality does not DESTROY our own! Jean cannot tell the difference between the beast's mentality, which is against man, and that of man's, which is superior to animals, because of its morals, principles and values. His inability to see the change in his own reasoning marks the point at which he starts to leave his humanity behind. He expresses a desire to follow the primitive order of things, citing all of the advantages of living by the laws of nature. As his thinking reflects that of a rhinoceros, he scans for a swamp to head toward. He is completely oblivious to the physical and mental transformation that he is undergoing. It is Berenger, in disbelief, who points it out.

Every transformation that takes place makes Berenger question. He questions the motives. He questions the thoughts and actions that take place prior to the change. To him, each person fails to do something which turns them from being human to a being a beast, and he tries to figure out what it is so it does not happen to him. Each person has an excuse. One leaves humanity because her husband does. She jumps out of a window, lands on his back and they ride off into the sunset. Others follow the herd out of political spite, or even a dispute with their employer. Most are caught off guard and do not see it coming. They are too busy minding their business, or too focused on details, missing the greater picture of what is happening.

Berenger loses sleep, he is so preoccupied figuring out how to avoid becoming a Rhino. He wants with every cell in his body to be immune from the epidemic that is seizing those around him. He is questionned for questioning what is going on. He is criticized, called obsessive and paranoid, and advised not to think too much or worry, that everything is fine. Nothing he can do or say will make a difference, they say. He just needs to "change with the times" and just "deal with things!" instead of trying to change them. Berenger is baffled by the conformity and chooses not to participate in it or make excuses for himself. He RESISTS!

Berenger laments that more were not involved as citizens, saying that their fate, and the town's, would have been spared by it. Theory is one thing. Instinct is another. When you are faced with a real-life situation you have to respond with passion and instinct. Berenger's last contact is with his love, Daisy. She sticks by him until almost the very end, but eventually she leaves him, too, to be with the others. Berenger does not leave with her despite his love for her.

No one sees what Berenger sees throughout the play. He is constantly urging others to see what he sees, and reminding them of what makes them human. They don't. They don't heed his warnings either. He becomes so miserable being alone at the end of the play that at one point, during his monologue, he wishes he could join the herd, but because it it too late, he has made himself to be so individualistic and immune to the epidemic, and he is incapable of it.

It does not take a lot to see that we, ourselves, are in a fight for our own survival. The main character of the play understood that if he joined the herd, the Rhinoceroses would eventually destroy him. He was not willing to do that. It went against every fiber of his being to allow that to happen. He stood alone in the end. It was not enjoyable, and he paid a price. He is a hero because he sacrificed. We must be like Berenger.

We must SEE what is going on, protect ourselves from it, to spread the warning to others so they can  SEE, too.
The "Rhinos" in our Party are trying to threaten our existence. We are in their crosshairs, make no mistake! I have been saying this since the first article that appeared in this blog, and since I founded GOPAYL, which is great little group on Facebook, by the way. Why are we a threat to them? We are a threat to them because our party is no longer against big government and it panders to groups, not individuals, because large groups of people mean bigger government programs which keep them in business. Do not ask me to explain the "power" mentality. I understand wanting the best for people who deserve freedom. Not evil.

We must defy them with our whole being and dispell myths, educate voters. We should get off Facebook (for one week), or incorporate politics into our conversations with those around us. Talk to the gardener, your hairdresser.. the T-Mobile lady while you wait to have an issue taken care of.. whoever you can chat with about how it is great to be American, and what it really means. Mention big government like a member in the family who doesn't go away. Urge them to see if our lives depend on it, why aren't we fighting more? Let's reach out to reasonable people. It takes time and practice, but we have to do it.

Let's be lucid, fierce and focused and continue watching for those slight digressions in language, and the inconsistencies I call them symptoms of rhinoceritis! If you're for the Tea Party, and you are against amnesty, but you support candidates who are pushing it, you could be a Rhino! Saying "It's not amnesty" is no excuse for supporting something you are against. Let's be honest with ourselves. Rand Paul has also said "The party has to evolve and adapt".. Evolve into what?

These are the signs that we must become immune to. Let's continue writing articles, speaking up for ourselves, speaking out against the Rhinos who see us as the threat. We know who they are. If we are afraid to pay the price it takes, or sacrifice, we will end up relinquishing power to those who seek to end us.

The left is full of Rhinos who don't reason, see or question, but our party is full of Rhinos who don't reason see or question either. Neither party wants you to see or question. To be a good Republican you must do as you are told. Talking with the establishment is like talking to a wall, or running into one. If they do not agree with you, they call you extreme, irrational or intolerant, all of which they happen to be. They marginilize and disrespect us for exposing their true intentions. Just today the Hispanic Leadership Network banned me from posting comments about Immigration Reform. . Just today the Hispanic Leadership Network banned me from posting comments about Immigration Reform.

Again, our GOP establishment in Washington has been defiant with us. We must be pernicious and push back. It's tiring, but it is the only way to ensure a win. We must remind the representatives we send to Washington to keep the principles that represent us, not to turn on us. They gradually start to see things not from our point of view anymore, but from those who are against us, just like Jean in the play. Our leaders leave behind their humanity bit by bit as they evolve and take on the mentality of political animals. We react by getting angry, justifiably so. Don't stop Resisting! There is no difference anmore between the parties. The Democrats and the Republican are both against us. 
They are all Rhinos!
There is no window of opportunity to succeed without the input of reasonable, ordinary every day people who have no pretensions or airs, who see things that the so-called experts don't see, who are not like the "Rhinos" in our establishment who put up walls, and who don't reason. This is how we will be America again.

If our politicians stay close to the people, and hold on to the principles we believe in, they will spare themselves of being transformed into Rhinos. There is only one extraordinarily ordinary individual who is loved for being one of "us", the people, and she has been in the crosshairs of our party, like us. It's war. I am moved every time I see this comment from a member: “Our Future President just hanging out with the common folk. No pretense.. not fake.” (L. Luerssen)
sarah palin cooking hot dog