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December 31st:   "You set My Soul On Fire"
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 The Power of One Voice.

Friday, December 28, 2012

 by Brianus Berkleianus

From the very moment and instant on the dire and doleful night, 4 November, 2008, that the Presidential election was called in favor of barack hussein obama, my battle cry, my battle standard, my battle trumpet-call became "SARAH 2012." I know that it was exactly the same for millions upon millions of American Patriot Hearts on that sad and yet hope-fraught evening.

In effect, the very first thunderous call and summons to arms was one that was the more powerful and profound for the very depth of its sad silence: The mute and moving and marvelous testimony of the Governor's diaphanous eyes as Steve Schmidt and other members of Senator McCain's brutish "Headquarters" staff cruelly and callously barred her from speaking to her people, the American People, after the Senator had delivered his concession speech.

The murmur and whisper that was born in our hearts and in our hopes in those minutes and hours only grew and grew and grew, as the 2008 Calendar's final page handed off the Baton of Time to the New Year of 2009. 2009 passed swiftly and sweetly into the midterm election year of 2010. The wave of patriotic ardor and fervor seemed only to be on its triumphal ascent, but hardly to have crested and peaked and crowned its path of glory, as the American People dealt obama and his Party and his policies a crushing "refudiation" at the bar and ballot box of public judgment on Election Day 2010.

We all thought: "This is great, but we ain't seen nothin' yet--just wait 'til 2012!!!"

Then came the 5th of October, 2011 ….

Now that the tapestry and text of this Year of Grace 2012 lack but a few hours' and a few days' scant threads and pages to complete their tide and tale, what are we to think about, what are we to say about the phrase "SARAH 2012"??

Was it all in vain?

Was it all for naught?

Will the gallant syllables and sounds of "Sarah Twenty-Twelve" be buried in the same grave as the soon-to-be late and already much-lamentable Year MMXII ??

I think not.

I will soon be displaying my new "SARAH 2016" buttons and bumper stickers (I already would be, but I am waiting for a wider selection of designs to become available on the internet!!)

But Never, ever, ever will "SARAH 2012" be forgotten.

Yes, my car will soon, in proud defiance of Berkeley "liberals," be displaying a "Sarah 2016" sticker..

But the spanking new sticker will share place and pride on my vehicle next to the old veteran of 2012, whose tints and tones and colors remain remarkably fresh and bright and new, even after a grinding and grueling four-year campaign!!

"SARAH 2012" meant so very, very much to all of us.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the nascent TEA Party came into existence and grew in youthful strength and power and vigor as 2009 rolled and rolled on.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the Governor progressed on her triumphant Going Rogue book tour in the closing and fading and dying cadence of the final weeks of the same Year of 2009.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as Sarah Braveheart struck out across all the lovely but beleaguered boundaries of America, North, South, East, West, and fought and fought and fought the good fight of 2010.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the Lioness of Liberty hurled her fearless and feisty gauntlet of defiance in the teeth of obama and his thugs, with her splendid and unforgettable "Mr. President, GAME ON" speech in Madison, Wisconsin in April of 2011.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence on that momentous and fateful early-September day in Indianola, Iowa when a terrible storm drew back its somber veils and vestures, and revealed a noble sun, just as the Governor strode to her podium, and thundered forth her "shot heard 'round the world": Her Crony Capitalism oration, delivered in defiance of the blood- and dollar- and power-sucking political hacks and crooks of BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.

Then, the Good Lord and the good Governor know why, there came THE announcement on the fifth of the following month.

And so we stand poised on an edge and on an eminence of sorrow and of joy; of fear and of faith; of heartbreak and of hope.

If, no I will dare to say, in my fervent prayers and in my silver-tinged hopes, WHEN she wins the highest office in the land in 2016, and becomes, on a never-to-be-forgotten November's night, our President-Elect, still, still, still it will always, for the rest and residue and remainder of my days, it will always be the sonorous sound of the old battle-chant of "SARAH 2012," those bright and brave and bonny words of a beautiful and lost cause--it will always be these words that will move me, and move me, and move me.

SARAH 2012; and SARAH 2012; and SARAH 2012.

Why the GOP is Losing
By Wayne Mazza,
December 27th, 2012

To all my Conservative Patriots,

It is time for some reflection!!

I played four amateur sports in my lifetime and managed at different times, three of them. We won numerous championships in all of them.  I always stressed powerful defense; however, through my experience, I learned that a strong offense will win you more games than a strong defense.

This is why I get so upset watching these dumb Republicans and their even dumber pundits ready to cave, or moderate their stances without a fight.  They are so afraid of losing their power, that they don't realize that through capitulation, they are giving it away.  No damn message from any of these so called highly educated elite pieces of crap.

Now when 2013 gets here, and the liberals start to spread their lies on the Social as well as the Lame Stream Media, here are some facts we can throw in their faces:

1.   ObamaCare was constructed entirely by Democrats with majorities in the House and Senate.

      This means the DEMOCRATS OWN the largest tax increase in history on the American Public. 

2.   When companies start laying off or reducing hours to their workers because of ObamaCare, the

3.   If we go over the fiscal cliff, the lack of compromise from the President and Harry Reid is where
      the blame should fall.  The DEMOCRATS OWN IT!

4.  Their failure to pass a budget for four consecutive years has given us a $16 trillion dollar debt,
     and with the majorities in the House and Senate for the first two years of Obama's first term, the

5.  Class warfare and the pitting of our citizens against one another, THE DEMOCRATS OWN IT!

6.  The passing a bill (ObamaCare) without knowing what was in it (Nancy Pelosi ~ D), like taking a
     mortgage out without knowing the cost, interest rate, or total years of loan. THE DEMOCRATS 
     OWN IT!

 7.  Regulations put in place to make banks loan money to people that could not afford housing by
      Democrats and managed by Barney Frank though Fannie Mae was the cause of the economic
      meltdown, not George W. Bush. DEMOCRATS OWN IT!!

 8.  Even though Democrats like to call anyone that does not agree with their policies a racist, the
      KKK was started by the Democratic Party to accomplish two things, to kill Republicans in
      Congress and to manipulate the black labor, in other words, keep them as slaves.  THE   

9.  When so-called civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bring up racism, let us
      remind them that 70 to 80% of the slaves were sold to white slave traders by Black Tribal
      Leaders.  (Just Google it).   DEMOCRATS OWN IT!!

10.  Finally, the "Coup d'Etat" by the LSM is, you guessed it, OWNED BY THE DEMOCRATS!!

Now, either buck up or stay in the truck!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Have a Problem In our Party. 

This long rant is divided into three clips, which I consider my Mission Statement for 2013. There is not only something wrong with the GOP, but with the way GOP Voters are thinking. It is addressed, in part, to Cuban-Americans who have not only become disenchanted with the party and its candidates, but who the GOP is stupidly pandering to again by making Immigration Reform a topic that does not appeal to them. It may be too late to bring the party back, but someone has to say something about it!
January 1st marks the 54th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. There are similarities between the struggle I saw my parents make to live free, and the one I see that is needed now by not only voters, but the politicians who are not representing them. Freedom is in everyone's heart but it is not free.

Part I: We Have a Problem In Our Party.
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Part II: John Boehner Has to GO. Message to Marco Rubio.
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Part III: The GOP Does Not Stand Up For Us. Sarah Palin Stands Up For Us.
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feisty sarah
Message in Spanish to get the word out everywhere we can! ..
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

OBAMA, DEMS.. you can have OUR RINOS!

This exercise was for fun, but I just wanted to make a point.  Our so-called Republicans are not acting like Republicans and should exit the party if they don't agree with the principles upon which is was created.  Rather than for us to secede from the party they should be the ones to change their R's to D's (like one already did) and not come back until they are ready to follow and respect our true leaders.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

John Boehner Needs to Go ~ Here is How You Can Make it Happen

You can do RIGHT NOW that will not take much of your time, but that can effect some much needed change in Washington, as soon as JANUARY 2013.
Send a letter or contact your representative to tell him or her you want them to ABSTAIN from voting for John Boehner's renewal as Speaker of the House.  
You may not know how they vote until January, but it's worth a shot. You should keep a copy of what you sent, and follow up on how they voted. There are 233 House Republicans next Congress, and assuming no Democrats would vote for Boehner as Speaker, all he would need is for 16 conservative Republicans to abstain from voting and he wouldn’t regain the Speakership.
These are the four fiscal conservatives (House Tea Party members) who were purged from at least two Committees this week:

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS) - House Budget Committee (96% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating)

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) – House Budget Committee (100% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating)

Rep. David Schweikert (AZ) – House Financial Services (96% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating)

Rep.  Walter Jones (NC) – Walter Jones of North Carolina House Financial Services Committee

ONLY 16 members are needed to abstain from supporting Speaker BOEHNER in January
The legislators are dedicated to lower taxes, limited government and constitutional principles. The
American Majority Action (AMA) is launching a #FireBoehner campaign. If 16 members of the Republican Party abstain from voting for Boehner as speaker in January, he will be one vote shy of the 218 necessary to confirm his speakership. 

The following is the list of House Members Behind the Purge this week.
John Boehner Speaker

Eric Cantor Republican Leader

Paul Ryan Chairman Budget Committee

Kevin McCarthy Republican Whip

Peter Roskam Chief Deputy Whip

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Republican Conference Chair

James Lankford Policy Chair

Lynn Jenkins Conference Vice-Chair

Virginia Foxx Conference Secretary

Greg Walden NRCC Chairman

Tom Cole NRCC Chairman (former)

Hal Rogers Chairman Appropriations Committee

Fred Upton Chairman Energy &amp; Commerce Committee

Jeb Hensarling Chairman Financial Services

Pete Sessions Rules Committee

Dave Camp Chairman Ways &amp; Means Committee

Lamar Smith Texas Representative

Doc Hastings Region I Representative

Tom Latham Region II Representative

John Shimkus Region III Representative

Mike Rogers Region IV Representative

Bill Shuster Region V Representative

Pat Tiberi Region VI Representative

Steve Scalise Region VII Representative

Lynn Westmoreland Region VIII Representative

Bob Goodlatte Region IX Representative

Ken Calvert Region X Representative

Jeff Miller Region XI Representative

Cynthia Lummis Small State Representative

Joe Heck 112th Class Representative

Richard Hudson 113th Class Representative

John Boehner's speakership has been abysmal.  He has done nothing but slam the Tea Party behind closed doors. It is obvious John Boehner is afraid of Obama's shadow, yet continues to disrespect the constituents he is supposed to represent. He betrays us on a daily basis, and is corrupt enough to act against us for personal gains.

Anti-Conservatives like John Boehner do not deserve to be in the position he has been entrusted with. He is an irresponsible steward of that trust and a liability to the Republican Party.

It's time for him to go. If we stop John Boehner, it will be a small, but important victory for us.

Now let's get busy!!  Here is the letter you can send along with the list of Representatives to Contact.


Name of Representative
Address (

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman (last name),

I respectfully ask that John Boehner be removed from his position as Speaker of the House by abstaining from a vote that it to take place for his renewal in January.

His removal of Representatives Amash, Huelskamp, Jones and Schweikert from the Budget and Financial services committees is reprehensible. It is the latest of many examples of his disdain for Conservatives and in this case, four who are aginst his willingness to capitulate on tax increases. 

We need a Speaker who will stand up to a president who is pushing a destructive socialist agenda.

Boehner's actions this week and his weak leadership since 2010 is jeopardizing our national security.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I am deeply troubled by direction our country is

I strongly disapprove of Mr. Boehner's actions urge you to abstain from voting for his renewal.

Thank you.



UPDATE Monday, 12/10.
Conservative group American Majority Action (AMA) will endorse three conservative Republicans to replace current House GOP leadership including Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Whip Kevin McCarthy: Republican Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Tom Price of Georgia. AMA has been pushing the #FireBoehner hashtag on Twitter and encouraging people to stand up against the Speaker for abandoning conservatism.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BLOG POST 43 Brevity and Fire: GOP ~ LEAD!

Sarah Palin was on Hannity last night, and one of the many reasons why I love her is because of her brevity and fire. A lot was written about the interview. Two things stood out for me loud and clear.
BARACK OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST. He believes in redistributing wealth, in confiscating hard earned dollars of our small businessmen and women so that they cannot reinvest their dollars and hire more people and grow and expand.
REPUBLICANS, go back to what the planks in your platform represent: reigning in government and putting the power and the responsibility in the individual not the State. That gets us towards SOCIALISM. What goes beyond Socialism? COMMUNISM.

This was my message to my fellow Palinistas today.

I wanted to share how PROUD I was of Sarah last night. I’m always proud of her, but it was beyond even pride. No matter what happens, we could never ask for someone who is more dedicated to the people or a greater spokesperson for the cause of freedom.

To hear her say so powerfully what she did sent a chill up my spine. Finally! I know we all agree on how wonderful she is, but after last night, it is clear that any inconvenience, any time spent away from family, disappointments, any complaints, confrontations or challenges we may have had in the last year, two, three or more, it will have all been worth it!Sarah is OUR treasure. She will never forget us like the GOP who has NEVER had our backs. She will never stand down, but stand up for us consistently.
Sometimes I have to give the weasels a break because Sarah is such a rarity in politics that no one could even begin to match her personal qualities or leadership abilities. But then I think, Nah. They ARE weasels! Every last one of them and they deserve to be rebuked for betraying us daily. 

It is painfully obvious who is leading, and she is doing it from the outside. It is painfully obvious who is NOT leading, and they are IN Washington and not doing what we have given our vote of confidence to do. She makes it look easy, they make it look impossible!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy day, despite our troubles. Can you imagine what a dark place we’d be in had it not been for Sarah’s guiding ray of light in all this?

Just between you and me, the GOP will not listen. And they are TOO STUPID TO LEAD! Please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Blog Post # 42  Is GOP REFORM more feasible than a Third Party?

The New Third Party elicited quite a response! Someone asked me about it today and I answered this:

First, Second and Third, It is up to Sarah to create a Third Party. In spite of the fact that I detest the Jeb BUSH dynasty and what it has done to our party for years, I have stated that throughout that what I am trying to do is to expose this problem, and I kept asking, what is the solution?

As I was laying out the scenario, I felt in my heart I had struck a nerve because there is definitely discontent with the GOP. But based on the response I got, I soon got the impression that it could never really happen unless she led the effort. Here is why.

In just two days, I entertained thoughts from Conservatives and others, and found 100,000 ways in which they would not come together under one umbrella. Everyone had a different vision of what the party should be. Some wanted to just rebel against the establishment, others wanted a LEADERLESS party, and some wanted other candidates to lead. We are TOO individualistic and splintered as voters.

That is our nature! God bless us for that but being too opinionated can only make things more difficult.

The ONLY way to do a third party is for Sarah Palin herself to start one.

Again, I have to be responsible in what I say. I never said I wanted to start the party, I just said there is enough DISGUST with the BUSHES’ GOP for me to want to start a new third party, and that I was offering reasons for doing so (the JEB Bush access to the GOP machine mainly) but ..

I said I would never venture out and do it alone. It was an option to consider. I like taking action when something is collectively agreed upon, but I NEVER ACT ALONE nor DO I WANT TO! This is simply not up to us. In addition, I said I wasn’t sure about the logistics of expenses entailed. It might be less expensive for Sarah to take on the establishment and run against the MACHINE than it would to start a third party. I do not know, but it sounds like it would be.

There is no other leader who I would trust holding a baton in a relay race, let alone, leading a Third Party effort. It entails a lot more than just READ MY LIPS NO MORE BUSHES!! or I’m sick of the GOP!! I would get on Board immediately if she said that that is what she wanted to do. She did say that if the GOP failed, it would be an option.

So, it is not a stretch in anyone’s imagination to think it could be a solution. But, if Sarah decided to run for President, it would be crazy for her to let people know BEFORE 2014. That is a long two years from now. Starting a party would take much longer than that. NO MATTER what she does, it will be great, but we must understand that without her, this Third Party idea would fail.

Now to the GOP Voters (which is a problem that needs to be addressed as GOP voter reform). They constantly complain about candidates not being exciting enough to vote for, but never stop to think WHY we fall into the same situation over the years and don’t connect the dots very well. Take for example, people who support Marco Rubio.

I am Cuban-American and sometimes I like Marco Rubio and sometimes he disappoints me greatly, because more than anything I want GOP REFORM and to me, his association with Jeb Bush is the biggest ISSUE I have with him! There are well-informed voters who I talk to who say they are TEA PARTY, yet support Rubio 2016, and it makes me cringe!! They say they don’t like BUSH and repeat the mantra “No More Bushes” yet would gladly accept RUBIO as Bush’s Vice President should he be asked. Rubio himself has said he wants to run, but would let Jeb Bush take the lead if he ran. (WhY?) That’s another story for another day!

So, if you want Rubio because you’re TEA PARTY, why would you accept a presidential run by Jeb Bush with Rubio as Vice President? Is it a disconnect? To me it is. And inconsistencies to me are one of the things I thrive on catching in politicians and now IN VOTER THINKING. I hate it when people SAY they want REFORM, but then don’t take any steps to make it happen, or when I know voters are kidding themselves (for whatever reason, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt always) but then act all surprised when results are different from what they expected.
As Conservatives, that has to change. We have to be bolder, more intellectually honest about our candidates (even questioning the ones we like), and better listeners. It’s not just important to give your opinion, but to listen to others when they speak. We have to MEAN what we SAY and SAY what we mean. DO WE or DO WE NOT want reform? a third party? NO BUSHES? WHAT do we want? It would be great to have a SUMMIT to discuss the future of the Republican Party and have Sarah Palin and Allen West to speak, then do a townhall with our favorites. NO establishment heads, just US. WHY NOT?

Are you following me? I hope so. Whether we have GOP reform or start a new Party to put them in their place, we need to be feisty, yet smart, less tunnel-visioned, yet more resolute; less rigid, yet more decisive. We need to adapt to the circumstances we are in and yet, keep focused on the task at hand, which is TO REMOVE the ESTABLISHMENT from POWER. Do you agree?

I am providing the survey below just to see how Conservatives react to a JEB BUSH 2016 scenario. Please fill it out if you can, and pass it along to your friends like I did by pressing ASK FRIENDS. Let’s see how willing people are to really OVERTURN our Establishment. We have to DO better at communication among ourselves.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is considering a run for POTUS? Would YOU support JEB BUSH ~ CANDIDATE ~ for POTUS 2016?

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Post #41  IM IN FOR A NEW THIRD PARTY!!  


The GOP has failed. Now what?

I have spent the last four days dealing with the Jeb Bush possible (probable) run for President 2016, and can’t help but feel exasperated and even depressed at the thought that we are being set up yet again to have our voices ignored. My answer to that? Start a new Third Party once and for all. Why not?

The consequences of doing nothing far outweigh the risk of making the effort to do something. I KNOW the issue of money is of great concern, and that is outside the scope of my comprehension or pay grade. Someone else can deal with that crucial issue.
And a problem-solver! People feel disenfranchised and would love to see A NEW DAY and a NEW REVITALIZED PARTY! But we are not going to get it by trying to change the one we have. It’s been proven over time. How many ”Bush” presidencies do we need in one lifetime to show that this is all fixed and that there has never been room for a REAL PEOPLE’s candidate to take their place?
If 2012 was NOT a wake up call for the GOP, then it is deaf, blind and beyond dumb!! And if it is NOT a wake-up for us, then let me ask you this: If not us, who? If not now, when?

Bush, Inc is NOT going to relinquish their power to We-the-People, so what choice are we left with? They are our problem if WE CHOOSE to let them be our problem. We can choose for the GOP NOT TO BE our problem. It is well within our power to do so.

The party’s message is tired, worn out and has been proven not to work. It is not going to change any time soon as long as the pernicious leadership remains at the helm. If we cannot change the party leadership, then we need to change OURSELVES and say and do what me mean.

We must be taken seriously with a platform of Reform, Revitalization of the economy as well as Restoration of Principles and Honor in Politics. I have heard some say the party name should be The Conservative Party. That sounds fine to me. The name doesn’t really matter, it is the spirit of the party that does.

I would rather spend my time dreaming about this than trying to beg the leadership to listen. I would rather follow a new, exciting, refreshing solution to a problem we know won’t change, rather than try to fix a failing GOP mentality.

If it generates fear, frustration and setbacks, so be it. It’s still worth a shot.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


It used to be that Cuban-Americans voted almost exclusively for Republicans. It was a vote always counted on by the Party, but the results of recent polls conducted by Bendixen Amanda regarding the Cuban-American vote are telling quite a different story. And they are raising a multitude of questions which have the GOP doing a lot of “splaining” these days.. more like spinning! What’s new, GOP?

Local pollsters appeared on Spanish television on Tuesday (I have been tuning in lately just out of curiosity) to explain why Romney lost the Hispanic vote to Obama. Their answer (in part)? They insist that the core Hispanic support consisting of Cuban-Americans in communities such as Westchester and Hialeah is still over 50% Republican. Ay que bueno, right? Not.

The problem with that answer is that the 58% figure is down almost 30 percentage points from 1988 when the Republican party had just finished a second term by Ronald Reagan. Who can get past those numbers without asking, Why? Please allow me to briefly answer the question so as not to waste any of your time with denial of or rationalization of the stats. It is NOT because of the change in Hispanic demographics.

It’s your party message, and your candidates, GOP. Duh!

Since George H.W. Bush ran his campaign on “personality” instead of a true conservative message in 1988, we have not seen one true Republican candidate. That has nothing to do with immigration trends. If it did, you would think Hispanics who left countries because of big government dictatorships would continue voting overwhelmingly Republican. So why is it that the GOP geniuses at the helm of our party insist on pushing a losing agenda, election year after election year? (Let me whisper in plain English for them to understand.)
Psst, GOP, you are clueless!

No matter how much you try to figure things out, you always come up with anything BUT the right answers to the reasons why you fail. Let me advise you that trying to beat the Democrats at a game they know how to play better is a sure way to lose. Voters know this and they are not buying what you are trying to sell. There’s a simple saying that I learned in high school and it goes like this:

You may not always be "the best" by being yourself, but you will always be "second best" by trying to be somebody else.

Now to Miami. We have had a long struggle with communism and a history with not just the Bushes, but many other Republican presidential candidates as well who come here to say what many of us traditionally like to hear. How many times have we heard them say that Fidel’s days are numbered? I can't keep count. Dropping an expression or two, eating our yummy empanadas, sipping cuban cafecito in front of the cameras, or getting the must-have photo-op at Versailles Restaurant are all fine, but who are you kidding? Yourselves? The folks here are not impressed with any of it. It’s all talk. And all “cho” (pronunciation of show).

By the way, Fidel is still alive and stirring mischief!

Let me ask you this. How do empty or unrealistic promises help our party? Most people, the kind whose vote you should respect, prefer truth-telling, no-nonsense, energizing and charismatic leaders with a message of hope and fresh new ideas. They are turned off just like me.. and fed up with the same old boring candidates, and a dim-witted party that can’t do anything right. (Can we send Mr. Charisma, Karl Rove, packing, please?) Let 2012 be the final lesson. It’s time to get a clue, step aside, and let common sense prevail. If the numbers you always like to follow so closely don’t speak louder than words, nothing will.


Has it ever occured to you, GOP, that maybe, just maybe, most Latinos, no matter the background, would welcome a clear articulation of conservative principles including small government, personal responsibility, a secure border and a thriving American economy instead of feeling like they are being talked down to? 

I know my family is proud to have a work ethic. They enjoy solving problems on their own. They thrive financially, but every day their efforts are being punished by a party that chooses to focus its attention and places importance on those who come for the goodies the government provides. You can’t beat the Dems in that department. Do you also want to be like Santa Claus? Because only Santa is best at being Santa. You can never compete with that.

It is appropriate to provide a welcoming aid package like we did when we first came to the States, but not appropriate to create programs that enable or attract the type of immigration we do not want. Word gets around fast, and people come to TAKE not GIVE back to this country. Not all groups are the same, I understand, but we must agree on this: that those who come here to shake down the government for all it’s worth are not the type of voters you should be desperately seeking to attract.

Again, why compete with Democrats when we should BE BETTER ourselves! It does not make sense for the Republican party who is supposed to stand for self-reliance and a strong work ethic, to be dangling a carrot like amnesty. It is a mixed message that the average person who is not heavily involved politics has the common sense to see. When the lines are blurred, people get confused because they don’t see the difference, and they turn away. It’s understandable.

Before I finish my rant, I would like to ask just one question concerning that pesky little issue, amnesty. If a person is illegal, doesn’t that mean they are not allowed to vote? Why would you go out of your way to reach out to illegals who can’t vote anyway? Isn’t that a cruel and empty promise as well, like saying that Fidel is going to go soon? Of all the Reagan accomplishments you could have chosen, you choose to adopt the only one that didn’t work. It is simply stunning.

Finally, the “Latinos” who you think are stupid enough to buy your message, are actually smart enough to know how stupid you are.

And they (we) see right through you! You think we can’t tell good candidates from bad, or a winning message from a bad one? Make no mistake, we know a winner when we see one. We did not see one this time around and we certainly do not want any more like him in 2016. (Hearing me, Jeb B?) Stop treating your party voters like Democratic children. You should not be rewarded for failing us twice since 2008, either. Clint Eastwood’s words said it best.. If someone doesn’t do their job, you have to let them go. But I cannot end this article without mentioning what you actually accomplished this year. Something to boast about indeed!
You, GOP, lost 7% of the Anti-Communist Cuban-American Republicans vote to Obama. (7 down from 08!) Good Job!

~ Here are results from a Bendixen Amanda poll following the election on November 6th, 2012. ~

Cuban-American Vote THIS ELECTION:
Overall                 ROMNEY 52%   OBAMA 48%
Absentee B         ROMNEY 74%   OBAMA 26%
Early voting         ROMNEY 54%   OBAMA 44%
Day of election    OBAMA   53%   ROMNEY 47%


2012 -           REPUBLICAN  58%   DEMOCRAT 42%
2008 -           REPUBLICAN  65%   DEMOCRAT  35%
2004 -           REPUBLICAN  71%   DEMOCRAT  29%
2000 -           REPUBLICAN  75%   DEMOCRAT  25% 
1988 -           REPUBLICAN  85%   DEMOCRAT  15%

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