Friday, May 25, 2012

BLOG POST #6:         ~  WE ARE LOSING  ~

Friday, May 25th, 2012.

To Jedediah,

I appreciate your comments and believe that people should think twice about what they say, like you said. That being said..

No one is perfect. We had a wonderful opportunity in 2010 to get a message out. We did. THe TEA Party for whatever reason has been m.i.a. this year. I saw Amy Kremer on Fox, in February. That is about it. She was not enthusiastic about Romney's lack of passion... and she described the type of candidate we needed: passionate, with grass roots and able to energize. I thought she was describing Sarah Palin. Maybe she was hoping for what so many of us were hoping, that she would get in the race. (As late as it is in the game, I still hope she does!) People are frustrated - and they have a right to be - Romney's nomination seems inevitable as we feel with all our heart he cannot beat Obama.

This was supposed to be the year where we got things right (we- the ones on our side). People feel betrayed and disappointed. Can you blame them? We have seen "our" favorite TEA Party candidates sell out over time. I attribute this to the efforts within the Party Elite to divide us so they can conquer and stay in power.. The GOP has backed Romney it seems for that reason alone imo. It is despicable. I have believed all along that the GOP has ignored us in an attempt to keep the TEA Party as far away from D.C. as possible, and as irrelevant as possible. The entire process has been staged. They know we don't like Romney. It defies logic that they would not know. They just don't want to win. Why? Maybe because Jeb BUsh wants to run in 2016. Is there any other plausible explanation for the absurdity?

But It is what it is. I can't say that I am feeling very positive these days. At least Sarah is trying to keep focused on what direction she wants to see the country go. Many of us, on the other hand, see a golden opportunity slipping through our hands. The comments I have been seeing are mostly out of frustration. I can't blame anyone for criticizing Sarah as much as I can't blame anyone for supporting her decision. We have been witnessing TEA Party candidate after TEA Party candidate betray their promises and turn to one of the them, the "ELites". It is a war THEY have declared on us. We are in a disarray because NO one is galvanizing us. Orrin Hatch is not the problem. The people's comments are not the problem. Sarah is not. These are all symptoms of what's really making people worried.. that we are losing. Again.

I am still really MAD about what happened in 08 and 12 is a spectacle. I am personally hoping and praying for a miracle to take place. May we all drop to our knees and beg for the Lord's mercy, not just now, but from now on.

Have a great day,


Isabel Matos

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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Saturday, May 19th, 2012.

Welcome, Readers!

This is the follow-up.  I've been lashing out at the RNC and GOP in my last three posts, and I thought I'd post the comment I just left on the new facebook site:  Convention Without Walls. Please check it out if you would like to submit comments to the RNC Chair.

I just had to write a response to his little video clip as he sets a tone that is both stilly and inappropriate for the occasion, in my opinion.

This is the "NERD ALERT" from Reince Priebus himself. (He used the term, not I.)
May 19th, 2012.

Hi Reince,

I'm not so sure I want to attend the Republican Naitonal Convention, given that the candidate the GOP has decided to get behind does NOT represent us.  This is the first time in my life that I feel the Republican Party has stepped over the line and egregiously ignored the will of the people.  I hope the ROn Paul supporters remind you how nice and fair we were (you know who I support).  It is a shame you/GOPe will have lead the WORST campaign in history given all we have done to urge you to do what is right. This country deserves better.  YOur constituents deserve better.  The world deserves to look to a shining city on a hill, not the awful mess that is about to unfold. 

We-the-People have not been invited to sit at your table, so I am proud to say that I want no part of the Republican Party's Charade.  Who do you think you are ou fooling now? Shame on you for not caring about us.  May God save this wonderful country which my parents sacrificed ALL to bring me to.  Not for this. Not for Obama. Not for Liberal PRogressive Republican Agenda.

It is regretful that We-the-Suckers will have to pay the consequences for your actions once again, and that, unfortunately, you won't feel our pain. We are hurting but YOU DONT GET IT.  YOu are highly-paid and well-rewarded for doing what you do which is to sell NOTHING.  Like Andrew Breitbart said, "If you can't sell freedom, YOU SUCK!" Well, RNC/GOPe has not sold freedom. YOU have packaged a lame excuse for a candidate. YOu know it is a slap in the face.  To celebrate  at this juncture is selfish and cruel, but very unwise,  given the discontent out there.  In fact, I am quite saddened by the events leading to the spectacle that is the Convention.  The process has been just.

I will NOT vote for ROMNEY. That is what you wanted, isnt, it?  (to be rid of us!?)  Be mindful in the end what you wish for.  Conservatives competed spiritedly and in good  faith.  YOu challenged us every step of the way.  Should you lose, we will have noted that four more years of Obama will be your claim to the WORST GOP LEADERSHIP in history. YOu may win in your circles, but we will win where it counts as the TRUTH always wins in the end. 


This site has general information about the convention.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Friday, May 18th, 2012.


Dear Readers,

I have been watching the pathetic crew that is the GOP leadership for months now. It is painful to watch. I have direct quotes that PROVE the RNC/GOP is TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH FOOLING YOU ONCE AGAIN!!

Let me stress what I meant: the GOP is out to destroy, YES, DESTROY, every effort that the TEA PARTY has made up to this point to bring this country really forward, which is back to what its intended purpose was. THE GOP IS THE GRAND-OLE PROGRESSIVE PARTY that has declared war on you and me, WE-THE-PEOPLE!! Yes, our efforts are being undermined yet again! THE “GOPP” DOES NOT SEEK TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. THEY NEVER INTENDED TO. THEY ARE SEEKING ONLY TO IMPOSE AND VEHEMENTLY PROTECT AND PERPETUATE THEIR OWN: A LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN AGENDA resulting in BIG, STATIST, yes, I said it, big statist government policies, not the least of which will include Health Care. They do not plan on repealing ObamaCare, even if the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declares it unconstitutional. I will show you.

First things first, right? Let’s clean house starting from the top, then, shall we? and begin by identifying the problem for clarity’s sake. We can talk about Romney forever, but this is bigger than the “square” peg he is.

This is the problem that Reagan spoke of 37 years ago just this past week: the need to revive the Republican Party with bold colors of conservative principles, not pastels.

May I be so bold as to tweak his comment a little and use SHADES OF GRAY to depict what many see happening right now? “Gray” Progressivism is the cancer that has infected both the Republican and Democratic parties and the distinction between the two is just the hue. Whether you’re light gray (Liberal Republican Progressive) or dark gray (Liberal Democrat Progressive), it doesn’t really matter. You’re STILL GRAY! Have you ever heard of someone being a little pregnant? It’s impossible! You either are or you aren’t. Progressivism manifests itself in a lesser or greater degree, but it IS still progressivism!

The GOPewants to keep parts of ObamaCare! Keeping parts of OBamaCare is like being a little pregnant or a little gray. Get it, now?! If that is not enough to convince you that you and I are being taken for a ride again, then PLEASE LISTEN to Mark Levin’s rant and my transcriptions of Reince Priebus‘s words on Greta following my commentary.  Being straightforward while not really "lying" is a trick that mild-mannered RNC Chair/attorney uses to hide the Progressive GOP plans.

In the end, it is up to you to come to your own conclusion, but please take note and admit: GOP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ABOUT THE PREDICAMENT WE ARE IN!!!! You heard me! They don't care because they have been playing this game for a long time, and it has paid off. They don’t care if they win or lose. They will still be in power. We are the ones who will suffer.

Even though they seem stupid to us, they are not. They are not clueless either, or even incompetent.  Does it make sense that people who invest so much money in polls and studies would not know how we feel about Romney or OBamaCare? NO! IT WOULD DEFY LOGIC TO THINK THEY DON’T. They know exactly what they are doing. Elections are nothing but a sport to them, a numbers-driven game. Every now and then they get lucky and win. Their “machine” or enterprise is highly-organized. Years are spent grooming a candidate or planning a strategy. It’s all very calculated and methodical. Never mind passion, merit, or what is right. They always win because they stay in power no matter what happens. Keeping you at bay or making you feel discouraged is deliberate.

They may not say it, like a Socialist would never admit he/she is a Socialist, but they are Liberal Progressive Republicans and not just “establishment” or “elite”. They are quite content with the direction our country is headed, in fact. They must be giddy that Obama has done most of the dirty work for them by expanding government even more. So, not only are they scheming, they are lazy as well. What a bunch of lame, gutless wonders! They love the fact that the Democrats pushed for Health Care because it kept them on the popular side.

Isn’t that special? The GOP struggle is NOT stop Obama, like yours is, but to KEEP YOU, the only actual threat to their political existence, out of the equation.  Like it or not, that is the truth. Why else would they make our lives so difficult, and even impossible? Why else would we be fighting so desperately for our very survival? (With friends like these..)

Why would Priebus go on television claiming with certainty that Romney is in a position of strength to take on Obama Care? He also asserted in not so many words that it didn’t matter if SCOTUS found it unconstitutional. The GOP has the nerve to criticize Obama for going “forward”, but couldn’t be giddier about keeping part of his plan to do so! Both parties are in cahoots with one another. And we’re the ODD MAN OUT. MAD yet?!

I know I am stating the obvious in all I have described, but if you now know that this is going on, what are you going to do about it? I know I will not be able to bring myself to vote for a Party candidate who IS part of the problem. Many of my friends will not either. If our so-called “side“ has assaulted the will of the people, they should take responsibility for the outcome they wished for. They know what we want. They know Romney can’t win. What is the point in going through the motions? I will “under-vote” but hold them accountable for Obama 2012, and Jeb Bush can have his way and run in 2016!  Isn't that what this is all about?
Before that time comes, I will not be silenced!! I WILL CRY FOUL!! I WILL push back! I WILL NOT surrender to ANYONE who threaten my own existence! I WILL SHOUT UNTIL MY LUNGS COLLAPSE: YOU WILL NEVER TAME MY SPIRIT!! NEVER!!


Here are my transcribed words (done by hand) from Reince’s interview with Greta Van Susteren, On the Record, MARCH 22nd, 2012. Greta starts by mentioning the RNC ad called "higher costs", where the main line of attack is to show Obama's broken promises on healthcare, the debt and the deficit.

Greta: “How can you hit Obama hard on healthcare when the nominee, Governor Romney, "your" guy is from Massachusetts? How this is a position of strength?

Reince: "I take it as a position of strength. Because first of all, the President promised that he would lower healthcare premiums by 2500 out of his own mouth. He's the one that actually wanted to socialize medicine from the very beginning. He's the one that promised that access would go up to healthcare and all those promises were broken.

Romney has pledged from day one that he will repeal MOST of Obama Care. So I think he has been very clear on this issue. So have Gingrich and Paul and Santorum.”

Greta again emphasizes that it’s a harder sell, that they should go after Solyndra, looking at the Massashusetts thing (the federal government’s model), says she doesn’t understand the assault on ObamaCare.

Greta:  "Why not take on the wasteful $$ there? I don’t understand the strategy."

Reince:  “It IS a powerful assault because all of our candidates said they would repeal ObamaCare on day one. The country doesn't want ObamaCare. Look at what happened in Ohio. Those same democratic union voters there rejected the collective bargaining bill. They rejected Obama's signature piece of legislation. Not to exclusion of what you’re talking about. We can talk about gas prices and he flushes down half a billion dollars to Solyndra.”

Greta: “If the healthcare bill is declared unconstitutional by the SCOTUS in June, then does it go away?

Reince: "NO it doesn’t go away. Because it shows you where Barack Obama's heart is.. " Barack Obama’s heart is big huge cradle-to-grave government. And that’s not the beacon of freedom this country was founded up on and it will reject that, and we'll go with the PAUL RYAN approach of individual and economic freedom."


The interview clearly exposes the weakness in his argument and the GOP's strategy: to take on ObamaCare when Romney actually helped create it! According to REINCE, Romney's is in a position of strength to take on ObamaCare!! It also shows that, even if ObamaCare is ruled unconstitutional, the RNC Chair didn't seem the least bit perturbed by it, saying that it is in Obama's heart anyway (so what can we do, we like it, too, my emphasis). Mark LEVIN commented on this before. If the GOP really wanted to repeal Obama Care, they would attach it to a reconciliation budget bill that would require ONLY 51 senate votes and not the 60 required now. He has said it could be done after winning some seats in November. Mitch McConnell has been talking about taking the long route where it won't pass with Harry Reid. Mark named names, statist names, like: McConnell, Boehnor, Cantor. They are all for government healthcare. They go around pitching a loser sale of being conservative yet have their own agenda to grow govt. This IS shameless!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Welcome back, dear readers! Your replies to my last blog left me a little speechless, but they inspired and touched me. Only time will tell if I will do this for long, but I can assure you that this experience is rocking my world already, and so are you! I’m stoked! Time constraints limit my own replies to yours, but please know I have read every single comment! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words! Gary’s blog is the BOMB!!!

Now, the follow-up. I thought it wouldn’t take long for the aggressive bunch over at Ron Paul World to strike back at the Republican establishment, and I have two examples to share with you today, one which should be reported to the FBI if not done so already.  Never underestimate the piranhas that ARE the Ron Paulites, is all I can say!

First, let me share with you the petition that was being circulated last week from one of Ron Paul's supporters’ sites:

RNC Rule's Preamble says; "BE IT RESOLVED, That the Republican Party is the party of the open door. Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality, of opportunity for all, and favoritism for none. It is the intent and purpose of these rules to encourage and allow the broadest possible participation of all voters in Republican Party activities at all levels and to assure that the Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the following be and hereby are adopted as The Rules of the Republican Party, composed of the rules for the election and government of the Republican National Committee until the next national convention, the rules under which delegates and alternate delegates shall be allotted to the respective states in the next national convention, and the rules under which such delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected and under which contests shall be considered, and the rules of business of this national convention."

Republican National Committee: Force resignation of Chairman Reince Priebus for violation of RNC Rul

Cool, right? Not so. As you may know, I have a group called GOPAYL. We are doing what we think is right, but things happen. This IS the grass roots, after all, and it feels like we’re in the weeds sometimes as we don’t have the RESOURCES we need to help us fight our cause! The fact that this was picked up is no one’s fault. It just shows how getting involved with Paulites is a risk at any level.  One of the members discovered the petition was linked to a liberal website. Sure we have been been poking fun at them for a while now, but their behavior must be taken seriously. Again, nobody is perfect. It is what it is, but since time is of the essence, I am hereby inviting anyone out there who has good, reliable information to contact us to share it.

A little down-time after a long day in the trenches is important so I like to kill two birds with one stone and watch some common-sense, conservative news with a cool twist.  Yes, like in “Cheers”, I go to a tavern where everybody knows my name. I’m talking about Mrl’s Tavern on Youtube. If you ever listen to his show you would know by now that he does the best run-downs of Ron Paul and the lunatic fringe that is his movement, which he calls Paul-Qaeda - dangerous, impossible to argue reasonably with, and just plain “whacked out”.  

I chose to present the second incident which occurred less than five days from by last blog using his clip, in which he reminds us that Paul and Romney have been in cahoots for months (Priebus has acknowledged this, see my blog 2). You will also hear how the real snake in all this has been Congressman Paul himself who has betrayed his followers for years (what a conniving sack of dirt, right?!, after all they have done for him!). Mrl warns them that the GOP will not put up with their intentions to create chaos, to quit while they’re ahead as they will fail.  They, of course, hate him.

It serves them right to be scorned and ridiculed like he does.  Zombies should only exist in video games and movies, and they have been so obnoxious that you would want someone to put them in their place, even if it IS the GOPe or a stern commentator; but, I cannot tell a lie, I want to see some chaos. I want to see
a royal battle develop because the GOP sure deserves to sweat a little after all they have done! And I couldn’t care less about “orderliness” right now, because IM STILL MAD AS HELL AT THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR BEING AT THE ROOT OF THE CHAOS WE ARE IN!!! THEY, NOT US, HAVE CREATED THE MESS WE ARE IN!!

WE SAID WE WOULDN’T LET THEM DO IT AGAIN TO US in 2008, AND HERE WE ARE, AT THEIR MERCY, ONCE AGAIN!! I SAY NO MORE!!!!! STOP IT!! and I mean to the voters: Stop it!! Stop caving to their manipulation and steering!~ It was not your fault! There is still time. Is anyone as mad as I am????? How else can I tap into the vein or nerve that is in you???

Those highly-paid, lying scumbags running the GOP should have to engage in a messy war against Paul-Qaeda because they are the ones who started it by deceiving everyone in the first place. No one is exempt.  GOPe lies to everyone!! They started this war. It seems fitting that we retaliate. They started it because they have been poking and prodding us, and thumbing their noses in our faces!  Dang it, they took our freshest TEA Party candidates in 2010 and bought them all out!  I can't forget that!  Candidates were muzzled from the start! They were given a number and told to wait their turn!  No sense of urgency whatsoever. Now we're supposed to believe those candidates just turned on us?  Really?

TEA Party or not, WE-the-People deserve better!! WE deserve a President who represents us, and our bests interests, not the ones that perpetuate the Party‘s Progressive Republican Agenda. We deserve someone WE can rely on, not the same old elitist patriarch-types who treat us like children! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired with the Elite’s strangle-hold of OUR party and OUR message! They make decisions that WE pay the consequences for. Why doesn’t that get you mad??? I don’t get it! Fight! Push back!!!

NO more packaged so-called “severe conservatives”. What in the heck is that anyway? I couldn’t care less if they have to deal with unruly, OWS-type zealots. They deserve it! And to think they were at odds with Sarah Palin supporters. Miss us, yet, Reince?  Jerk! FOOL!!  Liar!!  When Paul-Qaeda begins to discover their leader has used them, then what? They already know the RNC is up to no good. So, not just yeh, but Hell YEH! ALL hell should break loose before we are dragged into the same mud pit they are in! It is all oh, so unsavory.. but they all deserve to be in the same slop of slime! Why? Because they are Liars, they are all stained and dirty rotten pigs! PIGS!! PIGS!! I want no part of it! Get it, GOP?? 

Now for the link.  I didn’t have a death threat in mind when I said I wanted to see justice done to the wrong-doers. That is both violent and unlawful; however, I do want to see some form of justice done to the lying, cheating, stealing RNC and GOPe:   You wronged us, GOPe!! Shame on YOu!!! You must sacrifice like the rest of us!

Enjoy the show. See you soon!

(By the way, they are serving beer now while you watch!)



Monday, May 7, 2012


Welcome again, readers!


Please remember I’m not a journalist, but I do make observations and take note when I see an inconsistency. And there is a slew of them in this election! I hope you’re ready because this one is a doozie. My follow-up will combine 1) the RNC’s admitted merger with Mitt Romney, 2) RNC Chair’s comments on Ron PAUL and his movement, and 3) the link that exposes the RNC is breaking rules again by helping Mitt!

First on the list is the merger and RNC Chair Reince Priebus’s comments “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren“ April 26th, 2012, the day after Mitt Romney’s victory speech ( You must see by the transcript below this commentary for the juicy details. (I love exactness!) I can summarize it in a few words: Priebus confirms officially RNC’s support for Romney, he asserts that Ron PAUL and Mitt ROMNEY have a strong relationship, that it is well-documented, and that the movement is pleased with the issues that he (Ron Paul) has been talking about which have become mainstream in the Republican Party.

I don’t know about you, but if I was a Ron Paul supporter, I would be pretty peeved!! This has to be annoying! Here I am, spending my life trying to get a guy to win, and this hired liar comes along to say we’re pleased with the mainstream message of the Republican Party, the very problem we have been fighting all along. It would not be a stretch to say that this IS quite a welcome, ironic twist for those of us who have been trying to get the attention of the GOP who has ignored and dismissed us for years. Yes, a treat, indeed. Maybe I’ll just sit back while eating popcorn to watch it play out!!!

If the RNC is hoping to court Ron Paul supporters by misleading the public on their “pleasure with the Republican Party‘s mainstream message“, they can knock themselves out! They thought they had a challenge with Sarah Palin supporters? They ain’t seen nothin yet!  To the RNC: you can deal with the annoying and obnoxious Paul supporters the rest of us have been subjected to for months. Nothing could be sweeter than the justice that is about to be done on you should they get defiant. The Paulites have been like piranhas in this election. They are devious creatures that will DEVOUR you!  To the Ron Paul movement, thanks, too! You can now deal with the lying RNC your way!  I could not be more gleeful or relieved that something is doing my work for me. Yes, I am loving every minute of what is about to hit the fan.!! I might get some goggles, boots and an umbrella while I’m at it. This is cosmic irony and political karma gone wild! Why get in the way of a huge brawl that is about to explode before our eyes!? I won't!

Seriously, though, it just goes to show you what the RNC is willing to endure, how many millions they are willing to spend, and what a war path they are willing to engage in with their constituents (war THEY have declared on us, not us on them). The GOP will lie, cheat and try to steer us until the bitter end, even at their own peril, yet they will not be caught dead or alive supporting Sarah Palin.

It begs the question, why would they endure such grief? (Jeb 2016, maybe?) How far must a party let the country sink for the sake of one man's quest for personal power (if indeed it is the case that Jeb is looking to run in 2016.) Has the party been hijacked by Bush Inc, or is this considered business as usual in GOP world? You would think they’d show a little urgency given the circumstances the country has been in for four years. What they show instead is a nicely glossed, shiny face (don't you just love that Dana  Perino?) that is hiding the corroded core inside. If we are being held hostage and IF there has been a deliberate attempt to divide We-the-People to complete a Bush 1, 2, 3 and yes, 4 (George, Jr. coming soon to an election near you) family resume, then POWER does corrupt, even the best among us. The Bushes used to be highly regarded, at least where I come from. They were always classy, but it is becoming painfully evident that they are blind, deaf and out-of-control GREEDY, which will hurt their cause and their party (not "ours") after all is said and done. Contrary to what Mr. Priebus said, this IS, in fact, about the Republican Party. (I wonder why he even mentioned that?)  

In the end, when We-the-People will have prevailed, they will have to lick their wounds as they cut off their proverbial nose to spite their face should everthing I have commented on be true. Watching their demise may be cathartic to many, but the future and soul of our country is at stake, and I think it is both despicable, unwise and 100% inappropriate. I do hope the insanity ends soon.

Here’s the script (Please feel free to copy and paste the comments in bold with Ron Paul supporters for fun)

(Intro: Greta’s show begins with a discussion about immigration. She mentions how it’s a sizzling issue in the race for the White House and cites a Fox News Poll taken April 22-24: Obama at 46%, Romney at 46%. GRETA: “Right now polls show President Obama and Mitt Romney in a dead heat. Both will be fighting tooth and nail for every single vote, and illegal immigration is one of the political weapons.. RNC Chair joins us..” Pleasantries are exchanged, a brief discussion follows. Reince says ultimately the referendum will be on Barack Obama, he discusses jobs, party message and messengers being in a better place than 08.)

GRETA: “All right, the Merger. RNC and Governor Romney, is it official?”

REINCE: “It’s official. I mean, we’re excited about it. We declared Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. We declared that this morning. It’s been a smooth transition. I mean so far we’ve had great people come in and be part of the team at the RNC. We’ve got liasons coming in at the RNC. That we’ve spilled that out in the media. Without getting into it, it’s been going well.”

GRETA: “All right, and the prediction is that Speaker Gingrich next week will suspend his campaign. All right, I’m curious, though, what about Congressman Ron Paul?”

REINCE: “Well, I mean we’ve been working really closely with Congressman Paul and his team. And I don’t know if you know, but his campaign manager is from Wisconsin, too.”
GRETA: “So that can’t be all bad.” (chuckle)

REINCE: “No, it cant be all bad (chuckle). No, we’ve shown him respect.”

GRETA: “Because he’s from Wisconsin? Or because he’s a campaign manager or is there another reason?”

REINCE: “Because it’s the right thing to do. And I think as we move forward, little by little in this operation, we’ve been communicating all of these things with Congressman Paul.”
GRETA: “He’s got a huuuuge, very potent following, I mean, I get flooded with emails from his campaign more than any other campaign in the last year and a half. What a bout.. What .. How do you get him inside the tent so he‘s cheering for your own team?”

REINCE: “Well, first of all, I think a lot of credit has to go out to Governor Romney. I mean he has built a very strong relationship with Congressman Paul. I think that’s been pretty well-documented.”
GRETA: “And if actually Ron Paul says, ‘Okay, Governor Romney, you’re my guy?' ”..

REINCE: “I think.. I’m not going to speak for Congressman Paul, but I’ll tell you this, I think that he has been and his movement has been pleased with the fact that many of the issues he‘s been talking about have become mainstream in the Republican Party. I think ultimately all of us can agree that this election is not going to be about the future of the Republican Party, whether you’re for Ron Paul, whether you’re for Mitt Romney, or wherever you’re at. I think all of us together, no matter where you fit in, it’s not about the Republican Party. It’s about the future of America. And we have to end the European nightmare that’s in the White House.”

Here is the May 3rd link showing how the RNC is violating its own Party rules (once again), and supporting what I transcribed above, in particular some of the parts I highlighted in bold.

~  “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.” ~   May 7th, 2012.