Sunday, July 8, 2012

BLOG POST #11:     THE TRUTH (is sometimes Inconvenient!)

This is a follow-up on blog nine.  The truth is haunting me these days! Here are three reasons why.

First, I had a very trying week, starting with Monday. There is no need to get into the details, but I had the unpleasant experience of breaking bad news to good people.  I followed my instincts and spoke from my heart to protect them. Although I am at peace with what I did, it hurt. Sometimes  telling the truth is inconvenient.  I hope to feel triumphant eventually, but only time will tell if I was successful or not.

Second, I would like to dedicate this particular blog to someone whose example I have grown to admire.  She is a courageous truth-teller who has been able to face her adversaries with pose and dignity. Calm and steady is the voice of reason and truth. It is the anchor that keeps you focused, confident and undeterred. 

I do not want to make this person uncomfortable but I always express myself from the heart and couldn't help but feel grateful that there are people in this world who are just plain good. Why?  Because they lead by example when it isn't always exciting, popular or fun.  I'm not a bible-toting Christian.  I was raised in a Catholic school and reading the Bible and it was not the custom then as much as it is now.  The Holy Spirit works in ways that are mysterious, though, and with perfect timing. This week was no exception.  In the stillness following the storm from Monday, I found a clip that confirmed to me that despite how I felt (discouraged and in doubt that I had gone too far too soon), it was the right thing to do and I found comfort in this clip which I had never seen before:

The very next day, July 4th, I see this on Ms. Ross's wall "As we look ahead to America's celebration of independence, what is it you need to be freed from? This can be your personal season of freedom. "He whom the Son shall make free is free indeed." It struck a chord so I wrote on my wall: "Today is America's 236th birthday. It will be a day of celebration or just quiet reflection on what it is that makes us really free. A good friend and courageous truth teller asked on her wall what we need to be freed from. In my personal life I will look to free myself from feeling responsible for other people's mistakes. I will focus on my own instead and turn to the Lord who will help me correct them, for He is my Freedom from all." Wow! I love the Palin movement and what I call the power of one voice!~

The following day, I revisited a speech Sarah made recently at an Americans for Prosperity event paying tribute to Andrew Breitbart. Sarah Palin has always been a beacon of hope not just because of her words, but because of her deeds.  She has always lead by example.  She offers insight with her steady confident words: "Courage inspires Courage and Victory begets Victory.  Tell the Truth."  Wow! I know her message never gets old, but this time her words spoke to me personally big time! This was all I needed to reconfirm that I was on the right path.  Even though there were many exceptional moments in that speech, what she said carried more weight and inspiration than usual. And people still question why she is loved so much?  Sarah is a relentless truth teller who is accepting the consequences of her ways every day of her life.  Here is the clip, see 34:10 where she highlights Andrew Breitbart's fearlessness.. and continues to speak of courage we need to live with.

Thanks to heroines who have fallen on the sword for speaking the truth, we have examples to follow. I felt a part of me died on Monday, but the good news is that there is rebirth and growth in transformation. We owe it to each other to set examples of courage and truth so we draw strength from one another.  Although we are not responsible for each other's actions, we can lead by example.

MY MOTIVATION IS THE TRUTH, come what may. I just  have to improve how not to be afraid..

I will conclude with a short prayer.  "Thank you, Lord, for setting us free by showing us The Way." 

      ~ Thank you, Adrienne and Sarah, for being such a responsible stewards of the Truth.  ~

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