Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Marco Rubio is Important

I am finally presenting my full response to Marco Rubio’s speeches in English and Spanish following SOTU last week.  Because I am a new user on youtube, I am limited to just fifteen minutes of presentation time.  I went over the mark by two minutes, so I had to use another channel, edit it, which was a nightmare, and upload it all over again. I am glad I figured it out before this year was over! Enjoy.

I saw the Rubio speech in Spanish, and it was superior to his presentation in English.  He was not nervous.  He did speak a little longer, appealing to single mothers at one point, which I thought was more pandering on his part.  Needless to say, everyone has been talking about the ”sippy cup” incident.  He made a $100,000 off the sale of his water bottles, which is pathetic in itself, and he continues to make light of it worldwide.  It’s all fake!

For over a year and a half, I have focused on our GOP – its key players who are indeed our enemies, the endless steering and manipulation of the election process, and the corruption of Tea Party candidates.  Rove’s shenanigans are being exposed, and Marco Rubio’s association with him should attract our attention, because it is marking his departure from “the people”.

It is important to note that he defended Rove and the American Crossroads group’s project to find the most “conservative” electable candidates. In a one-on-one interview with The Brody File recently, Rubio said:  “They both have a place in politics”, referring to Rove and the Tea Party.  As we know, Rove has an abysmal track record of finding conservatives and has complete disdain (for whatever reason) for the Tea Party, thus the outrage.
Thieves always enter through the weakest links.
Rubio’s blind ambition is exploitable. Rove financed him in 2010 with millions, so that should concern us. His character flaw is also easy target for cunning by the left, and as a prop for Obama. As Rubio basks in opportunities for fame and attention, his false sense of ”grandeur” is a gift to President Obama who can use it to his advantage.  I wish Rubio knew how much stature he will have lost because of his character flaw, blind ambition, and what a predicament it puts us in.  This IS his crossroads and the point of no return if he does not take seriously, not personally, these warnings.
Again, psychologically, the left knows Rubio would sell his soul for attention, and Karl Rove, who has evil intentions himself to undermine us, does so, too.  Why don't his supporters want to see the truth that he is not feared or respected.  Someone needs to talk to Senator Rubio with maturity and honesty; unfortunately, those closest to him are not the least bit interested in the facts, or hearing those of us who want to share them.  As they continue to deny what is happening, Obama advances in all areas and with all groups while blaming and dividing Republicans.
If I were Rubio, I would stop listening to all my “yes” people. 
It cannot feel good to lose control of a message you intended to be taken seriously, or to be mocked and portrayed as an idiot on a national scale. It cannot feel good to lose the respect of constituents who were betrayed, not unless you do not have a conscience anyway. It remains to be seen if he does or does not. If Rubio wants to be taken seriously, he needs to heed these warnings seriously and not take them as personal attacks. They are for his own good and the party’s, which has been at the point of no return.
Just because Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are projecting their own integrity onto candidates, does not mean Rubio’s supporters should be gloating about his performance, corruption and comportment.  Eventually the truth will be known, and sooner than later if I can help it.  I am also very disappointed in other commentators comparing this incident to palinization.  Nothing could be further from reality. To compare self-afflicted wounds which he deserves to pay the consequences for by his actions, to the savage and unfounded lies, smears and violent threats against Sarah Palin’s life, is beyond insulting.
I have given Senator Rubio ample opportunity to show me he IS part of the solution, but he is officially ”our problem child” now.  This latest episode is yet another red flag that he is headed in a wrong direction.
Supporters, put the RUBIO 2016 signs down!

Stop lying to your politicians, and to yourselves about them!  Eventually the truth will catch up with you and we will all have paid the price for such mistakes.  This is a team (against the Democrats), and weak players should not be encouraged!  Great public relations and $100,000 will never make up for what cannot be hidden. He is not Presidential material.  How did the mantra of Romney being the most electable work out for all of us? It’s happening all over again. If we don’t catch this in time, it will be impossible to fight it later.
Senator Rubio still has an open invitation, which I have extended through different channels, to have a face-to-face with me to discuss his association with our enemies.

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