Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is MY STATEMENT following accusations that I do NOT allow Sarah Palin posts on my wall.

I just want to say that everything that I have done on behalf of my first choice for president has been my choice. No one else's. NO one has asked me or paid me to do anything that I have done on my own since I started defending Sarah Palin last summer. Sarah Palin has never sent me any emails, messages or requests for favors of any kind. I never expected anything in return because we are all fighting for something that cannot be paid for: a good cause! Ethics and reform in politics, restoration of America's founding principles. Doing what is right should be enough reward for anyone! It is my duty as a citizen, no matter the sacrifice, to do what is right for my country in its greatest time of need. This is bigger than just one person and Sarah Palin must know that. Why would she feel indebted to anyone for an effort we all must undertake individually?

My involvement since last summer has taken a lot of time away from my family. It has been a nuisance, but fighting for freedom always is. It is a continuous struggle. It will never be easy. Keeping our leaders honest is dirty work but someone has to do it!

I was disappointed on October 5th when Sarah announced she was not running because I believed in my heart she wanted to, but for whatever reason, certain circumstances prevented her from doing so. I chose to pressure the GOP instead of her, but I was always all-of-the-above where others' efforts were concerned. The GOP, in my opinion, derailed her chances to win the nomination she deserved. I have found much evidence to support this but it is still my opinion.

I have spent many hours a day dedicated to fortifying a wall where people can vent their frustrations on those who deserve our scrutiny and even wrath. To be called a quitter for having accepted the reality that Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee is ridiculous. To spread lies that I do not allow people to post about Sarah Palin is childish and hurtful.

Sarah Palin was the catalyst and first true leader at the heart of the TEA PARTY when it wasn't even a movement. The movement has always been greater than one person as it represents US, We-the-People. We must stay focused on the task at hand: to keep government in check so that it can do the work on behalf of We-the-People. WE must take charge of our daily lives, and push back by not allowing government (including the Progressive Republican kind) to take over our lives. The leaders we elect must answer to us, and represent our beliefs. Reform is not easy. It does not happen overnight.  Some people think sudden and relentless reform meant just that. Again, very puerile thinking. This can take years!

I have witnessed people turning on me lately for saying that I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that she is NOT running for President in 2012. I could not help but wonder how she must have felt when she kept asking for her decision to be respected. It's one thing to believe she will and another to impose your beliefs on others, like so many have shown lately (specifically to me). Being intolerant contradicts precisely what they claim Sarah is all about - the truth! She has never lied.

I also find it interesting that if they turn on me, after witnessing my efforts to find answers over a period of 7 months, then they would turn on her for endorsing Romney (which she might). Sarah is our most valuable player and we must support her 1000%. That is my goal. She has never deceived any of us.

As leader of my group it is my burden live by the TRUTH once I know it. I am happy and at peace with my decisions as I have put much thought and work into arriving at them. It is not healthy to run on the fumes of hope alone. Yes, I am disappointed, yes there is so much work to do, but I am up for the task until I am no longer.  Spending more time on wishful thinking or what could have been robs us of valuable time that we need to stir things up. 

I am glad that people who do not want to live in the "real" world found it necessary to leave my group. They can play in a sandbox and whine about the adults in the room who supervise and warn them, but at least now that the issue and disruptions have been addressed, we can spend time helping one another forge ahead.

Marching on,

Isabel Matos
Creator of GOPAYL
(acronym for GOP are you listening?)


  1. Great post. Palin is busy building a GOP that is more conducive to Reaganism. That's not today's GOP, but because of her, it will be tomorrows.

    Well done.

  2. Thanks! Please share it with your friends.

    The GOPe has entrenched politicians who do not let go of power easily. It is ambitious for someone like Sarah to ask for sudden and relentless reform, she at leasted start the conversation. NOw it's up to us to follow suit whichever way we can.

    I appreciate your comment. Thanks again.

  3. A very good blog. I for one feel very deeply about Sarah. I feel she has more love for America than anyone running by far. I would help her any way that I could to help her if she would have run for office. And yes she hasn't lie to us like the others. "HER HEART IS RIGHT FOR THE JOB."

    1. Very well said, David. Her heart is in the right place, indeed. I have never seen a more dedicated, selfless patriot in my lifetime. She has already shaped the political landscape and conversation by leading by example. I am optimistic about America's future!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and you are a good person as well (I think I know who you are, lOl)

      If you read blog 7, you will see why I came to my decision. I was stunned that so many people would choose to ignore the facts from a reliable source, but they did. It is a blessing in disguise, though, as it now gives us room to work to restore our country, one election at a time.

      I took a stand and I am at peace and that is all that matters.