Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, the results are in and everything we predicted came true. Because we ARE patriots we supported YOUR candidate, Mitt ROmney.

It is shameful the way the TEA PARTY and CONSERVATIVE base was dismissed, ignored and disrespected throughout the year. Ron Paul delegates were shut out of the process and denied their right to cast their votes for their delegate at the convention in Tampa. This was poisonous to our cause.
Sarah PALIN was also the most qualified person to lead the party this year and she was shunned. There will be people saying how it was her fault she didn't do more, or that she is not qualified or experienced enough to be president should she decide to run.

I have news for you. The party is over. Your party. The GOP has failed and Mitt Romney lost because of his own mistakes.  LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS never win races, even when they fake being REFORMED CONSERVATIVES.  Let this be a lesson.

And may I add:  YOU will not blame Sarah PALIN for what happened in 2012. She will NOT be scapegoated like she was by Mitt Romney's advisors in 08.  It will not be tolerated by us, her supporters, which represent MOST of the party base.

 SHAME on you for NOT listening to us, for not heeding our warnings, and for being so obstinate and missing the point. 
It's time for YOU TO accept responsibility for this failure.
Sincerely yours,

Isabel Matos

November 7th, 2012.
Miami, FL

Photo Courtesy of Barracuda Brigade


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  2. First time visitor, so proud of you and your letter and this blog. You go and let me know if I can help you in any way..

  3. Thank you, Doris! I appreciate your coming by. I am proud of you, too.