Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Post #41  IM IN FOR A NEW THIRD PARTY!!  


The GOP has failed. Now what?

I have spent the last four days dealing with the Jeb Bush possible (probable) run for President 2016, and can’t help but feel exasperated and even depressed at the thought that we are being set up yet again to have our voices ignored. My answer to that? Start a new Third Party once and for all. Why not?

The consequences of doing nothing far outweigh the risk of making the effort to do something. I KNOW the issue of money is of great concern, and that is outside the scope of my comprehension or pay grade. Someone else can deal with that crucial issue.
And a problem-solver! People feel disenfranchised and would love to see A NEW DAY and a NEW REVITALIZED PARTY! But we are not going to get it by trying to change the one we have. It’s been proven over time. How many ”Bush” presidencies do we need in one lifetime to show that this is all fixed and that there has never been room for a REAL PEOPLE’s candidate to take their place?
If 2012 was NOT a wake up call for the GOP, then it is deaf, blind and beyond dumb!! And if it is NOT a wake-up for us, then let me ask you this: If not us, who? If not now, when?

Bush, Inc is NOT going to relinquish their power to We-the-People, so what choice are we left with? They are our problem if WE CHOOSE to let them be our problem. We can choose for the GOP NOT TO BE our problem. It is well within our power to do so.

The party’s message is tired, worn out and has been proven not to work. It is not going to change any time soon as long as the pernicious leadership remains at the helm. If we cannot change the party leadership, then we need to change OURSELVES and say and do what me mean.

We must be taken seriously with a platform of Reform, Revitalization of the economy as well as Restoration of Principles and Honor in Politics. I have heard some say the party name should be The Conservative Party. That sounds fine to me. The name doesn’t really matter, it is the spirit of the party that does.

I would rather spend my time dreaming about this than trying to beg the leadership to listen. I would rather follow a new, exciting, refreshing solution to a problem we know won’t change, rather than try to fix a failing GOP mentality.

If it generates fear, frustration and setbacks, so be it. It’s still worth a shot.

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