Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sarah Palin is the Answer!

Reflecting on Indianola, Iowa September 3, 2013
By Rob Hart

What moves a person or a group of people to descend upon a balloon field in the middle of Iowa with excitement and renewed spirits for a faltering country spiraling in economic woes? Apparently Sarah Palin is one answer to the riddle of thousands of concerned citizens coming to hear her words of wisdom. I, for one, wanted this to be the day Sarah w...ould wow the world with grit and grace announcing a run for the presidency in 2012.

I had received a deep spiritual call to go to Iowa only two weeks prior to September 3, 2011. My soul was alive in a way I knew quite regularly as the Spirit speaking. Interestingly, I was preparing for Fall semester at United Theological Seminary and this would be a last big blast of fun and excitement before hitting the books again. Adventure is in my blood and one of many qualities that tie Sarah together with restoration supporters of freedom for our country.

So there I am early as always parking my little blue car in the grass across the street from the stage. Several of us lined up straight across from the entrance into the balloon field. The signal finally came and away we all went, in an orderly fashion, into the event fanning out as if we knew what we were doing and where we were going. I headed straight for the stage to find a good seat.

It rained and it rained for two hours. As I stayed tucked up under my umbrella, I wondered what was going to be the decision whether to continue the event. There was a band that played during one of the sunny moments and then clouds came and we sat some more in the rain. All the while, we were content to sit and wait it out. I believe we all witnessed what Sarah supporter grass roots is all about and a foreboding to the coming years. We are a hearty bunch that are willing to stick it out for the long term and the big picture of bringing the United States back to be united. We stuck it out together in that field waiting on the precise moment for God to clear the sky, the sun to shine, and Sarah Palin to come on stage. That is exactly the way I remembered it. Just a minute or two before she came on, heaven smiled upon the balloon field in Indianola, Iowa.

I do not believe in coincidence. What we experience are God moments. Those that have become reformed and transformed sufficiently spiritually are able to accept the deeper movements of the Spirit. Sarah Palin exudes the Spirit and it is precisely why she is a divining rod. We must remember that it is GAME ON! 24/7

Rob Hart



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