Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where is the RNC/GOP When You Need Them? At The Trough!

by Wayne Mazza
When young David answered the call of God, went forth to battle the mighty Goliath, he was not timid in his effort. King Saul gave him his armor and chainmail to use, but David said it was not tested, but the word of God was. David was mocked by his brothers and even King Saul at first. After all, David was not a man of war and was around 15 or 16 years of age. The mighty Goliath was a man of war all his life and stood close to 12 feet tall, the tip of his spear alone weighed approximately 18 pounds. To put that in perspective, go to a hardware store and pick up a 16 pound mall.

Young David ran, not walked, but ran to Goliath, slayed him with the stone and used Goliath's sword to remove his head. HE WAS NOT TIMID, HE DID NOT WAVER, HE WAS NOT DOUBLE MINDED!!! He took a Stand on Gods Word!

Enter 2012:

Our modern day David is Gov. Palin and her Goliath is the RNC/GOPE/DNC and she is not timid.
This monstrosity of RNC establishment has done their best to threaten her accomplishments with lies, rewrite her history, teamed up with the DNC to make her look stupid and incompetent. They have demonized her with words such as polarizing, toxic, embarrassment, and a mistake. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Well here is a little newsflash for the good ole boys, she is rebuilding this nation brick by brick under intense fire from this bunch of crony capitalists and every candidate she endorses that wins over the establishments wishes is a win for America. Do you see any of these good ole boys endorsing Constitutional Conservatives? Absolutely NOT.
Where were the Romney's, Santorum's, Paul's, Roves, Morris's, and Coulters when Gov. Walker was under intense heat from the Unions, Democrats, and hired thugs on Tax day in Wisconsin. Gov. Palin in all her splendor was speaking to the Tea Party Tax day Crowd with over 6000 paid thugs on the outer fringes spewing hate, vulgarities, and downright rudeness. But there she was, taking it to them on a cold, snowy, and rainy day in Wisconsin. She was NOT TIMID, DID NOT WAVER, AND WAS NOT DOUBLE MINDED!!! She took a stand when the rest of the GOP/RNC cowards stayed home.


Where was this gang of RNC/GOPe weak knee'd rabble when Gov. Palin brought to light the DEATH PANELS in Obamacare? They exist in this law and are the first step to euthanasia for our seniors and disabled. But there she was, shining a light so bright on this subject, they could not ignore it. She was NOT TIMID, DID NOT WAVER, AND WAS NOT DOUBLE MINDED! She took a stand!!

Where was this gang of RNC/GOPe liver lillies when Gov. Palin talked about the quantitive easing that would hurt our economy? No where to be found, that's where. But again, Gov. Palin was NOT TIMID, DID NOT WAVER, AND WAS NOT DOUBLE MINDED. Once again she stood tall, she took a stand!

Where was this gang of RNC/GOPe self interests when Gov. Palin talked about crony capitalism? One guess! You Betcha, at the TROUGH!! These permanent political class politicians have fattened themselves off the hard work of every American with a job using crony capitalism to the best of their advantage! No wonder, like Goliath hated David, these yahoos despise Gov. Palin. But Gov. Palin has NOT BEEN TIMED, HAS NOT WAVERED, AND IS NOT DOUBLE MINDED. Gov. Palin did not allow lobbyists in her office. She took a stand!

Where have these Permanent Political Class dunces been for the last 40 years regarding Energy Independence. They have been truant. But Gov. Palin challenged big oil, challenged the permanent political class, challenged her party to force EXXON to drill on lands they leased FROM THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA! Gov. Palin was NOT TIMID, DID NOT WAVER, AND IS NOT DOUBLE MINDED. She took a stand.

Gov. Palin is a fighter and she continues to fights for WE THE PEOPLE.

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