Friday, October 5, 2012

BLOG #32:   ONE YEAR AGO TODAY.. OCTOBER 5th, 2011.  My 9/11 
Sarah Palin announced she wasn't running for the GOP nomination for President.
Who can forget that fateful day?  Here are a few reactions from some of the members at GOPAYL..  Please feel free to add your own.  This will be edited for new additions all week. 

Melinda Smucker I was at home listening to Levin on my Squeezebox Radio when she called in. I think I went into shock...I remember trying to convince myself that is was a Tina Fey type hoaxster making the call. But eventually reality set in and I actually cried...and I NEVER cry! My tears were not so much because of my disappointment in Gov. Palin personally because my brain understood that she did not owe her supporters a presidential run, my heart was breaking because my country was going to be lost. I felt then and still feel today that she is the only one who can bring out the voters needed to defeat Obama.

Anne Quinn I was just coming from work to home to pick something up.I had just distributed 3 videos of the Undefeated to different people whom I was trying to convince to support Sarah.My radio had been stolen from my car previously so I had no idea when I went on the Drudge Report and it said Sarah Palin not running.I went to some of Sarah's sites and saw that it was true.It was devastating.That night I joined the Earhquake movement which grew to over 5000 members in less than 24 hours.

Cheryl Arledge I was here online checking my political sites. At first I thought it was some kind of sick joke.....then I found out it was true. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut....I cried for our future.

Bonnie Bailey I was working...didn't know anything about it until my husband picked me up after work. I remember getting in the car and he said "I'm afraid I have some bad news." Then he told me...I couldn't believe it. I was soooooo sure she was running......Everything pointed to it. Just the day before I had heard on the radio that her lawyers were checking into late filing dates. I was so upset...It took me days to get over it...I'm afraid I was one of those so disappointed in Sarah but it didn't last...I think it was just part of my grief. I felt let down...Kinda like we had been led on. Took me a few days before coming to my senses and then I found the Earthquake group and joined thing I could have ever done. That negative has turned into a positive. We have to secure our future by taking a stand for freedom. Sarah...whether now or in the future will lead us in our fight, I'm sure of that. It didn't end on Oct. 5, 2011 as I thought after that announcement...For was an awakening in my spirit to step up and do whatever I could to help make America right again. With Sarah's help...we WILL accomplish that.

Helen New I was in the middle of doing some timed important thing in the computer for my daughter. Don't remember what it was, but it was one of those things that you can't save or you'll lose everything. When my husband came in and told me that Sa...rah wasn't running. I thought for sure he was joking. (He never jokes) I said "You're kidding?" he said "No". I felt sick but wasn't convinced. I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to rush to the TV but I had to finish the darn thing for my daughter. I finally finished it and rushed to the TV and heard it with my own ears. I felt sick. I felt that horrible feeling you feel when someone close to you dies. I had no energy. I then realized that the GOP was responsible, they didn't want her to run so they changed some datelines in an effort to rush her into making a decision. I never blamed Sarah. I understood, but it didn't make me feel any better.

Douglas Eaves I remember that day very well. I was out I. Bahrain working on some Navy Minesweepers. I replayed that You Tube video over and over. I remember cussing at the GOPe for threathening this great American and her family. I hung on to her words, "will not seek the gop nomination for POTUS in 2012 at this time". I still fully support the Governor in any endeaver she chooses, and pray that 2016 will be her time.


  1. Those of you who know me here may remember that when she announced she wasn't running..."at this time", that I consistently defended her decision - not for one moment, did I then or now, ever doubt the wisdom of her decision. My faith in the innate rightness and goodness of Sarah Palin has never wavered and never will. She knows what is right for her and our nation. She will do whatever she can to "right the ship". I pray that someday, she will be our President and lead us all back to an "American Renaissance", but, in the last analysis, that's a decision she will make and I will simply have to accept it, no matter what it is. I will love her, no more nor less, no matter which direction her decision takes her as I have total faith that she will do what is right for the America we both love so much.

  2. I pray and feel in my heart she will run for President, too.

    I cannot disagree with a word you said.