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September 13th, 2012.  The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is being funded with your taxpayer dollars. WHICH POLITICIAN OUT OF THE 4 BELOW IS FOR SENDING THIS MONEY?

We know what Mitt Romney had to say on the Benghazi issue (blog post #28).  I wanted to post others' foreign policy views for the record.  You might be surprised at what each said!

SARAH PALIN on HANNITY, September 13th

Sean makes a long introduction about the anti-American extremists protesting a movie that dosen't extist. 

Sean:  Governor, welcome back to the program. I have to contain my anger, Governor, our flag is ripped down. They're chanting We give this country 2 billion dollars a year..  They're chanting explain that to mem Governor? (0 - 1:31 mark)

Sarah: We have to ask ourselves and, sure wish the reporters would ask the president how much longer can we continue to spill our blood and treasure trying to promote democracy in places that do not have any values for a civilized society, values like respecting minorities and women's rights, an independent judiciary and rule of law.
How much longer do we now support and fund sharia democracy? As for this film, that is a red herring.   And the media is going along with some in the Obama administration pretending like its a protest against a phantom video on you tube?  No. Its because the Obama administration dropped the ball and they have not taken head on this war terror, and they have adopted a foreign policy of appeasement where our enemies no longer fear us and our friends no longer trust us.  Media's going along with this false narrative that the video is the cause of this chaos.  (1:31-2:41)

Sean talks about Obama's apology tour and his visit to Cairo to bring world peace (after mentioning the sodomizing of Chris Stevens before he was killed, reported in Wash. Times). (2:41 - 3:20) 

Sean:  They're blaming Romney. Thank God Romney has spoken out  This wasn't supposed to happen.

He shows a clip of Obama apologizing in Cairo.  (3:20 - 4:30)

Sean:  That's what.. Governor.  Has he succeeded in uniting the Muslim world, Governor? 

SarahHe has been so absolutely naive in his foreign policy measures that he's undertaken and putting us in a much weaker position than we were four years ago. Again, with our enemies not fearing us and our friends not being able to trust us and our president not having time to meet with our allies like Netanyahu. And yet, having more time than ever to meeting with and try to appease those who we should be showing our strength to, instead of this kind of capitulation, a BIG GROUP HUG from America, to those who would seek America's harm.  (4:43 - 5:22)

Sean last question. Drudge Report.Revealed inside story. A study out of thenewpaper the Independent. The State Dept. had credible information 48 hours ahead of time. How much time.... 5:23 - 5:56

Sarah: That's what I mean about Obama administration dropping the ball. They had 48 hours. The anniversary of 9/11 is a volatile time. WHAT IS WRONG with this administration that would ever put America's interset on the back burner in order to appease some of these people in some of these places that do not value civilized society? (5:57 - 6:28)

(1)  http:/
ALLEN WEST on HANNITY September 13th
"PEACE through STRENGTH was Reagan's way of handling foreign affairs."

WESTWe're operating in fantasy land. What you see coming from Obama and his administration is what you called dhimmitude in the ISlamic world, when you look at Obama's speech in Turkey, and his bowing to the Saudi King, and the interaction there, the speech he gave at the University of Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood sees weakness and a policy of appeasement as Governor Palin said.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a plan for the United States. It's called an explanatory memorandum. (2)

It was uncovered in Northern Virginia during an FBI raid back in May of 1991. It's very clear what their intent is. When you read their charter, this is a group very closely tied to terrorism.  It is the grand- father of all these other Islamic subsidiaries, established back in the 1920's.

Hannity -  I dont think appeasement in the right word as much the president projects weakness. HE IS WEAK, and the people in the Middle East all they know is strength.

WEST: Reagan went right after the people (LIBYA, Omwar Khadafi) who were behind the bombings of the soldiers in a German disco, and immediately shut them down. A sovereign piece was attacked. When you attack an embassy and kill an ambassador, its like an attack on U.S. soil. This has nothing to do with a silly little video that came out six months ago.  To use that as an excuse is a bludgeoning tactic for ourselves and it fruther emboldens them.

So WHAT we need to do is have a very harsh diplomatic stance first and foremost to get our American citizens and get these embassies closed down, and tell the diplomats and representatives from these countries to go home and figure out how their relations they are going to have with the United America, and how they are going to control RADICAL ISLAMISM in their countries. It's very clear they're taking the side of being enemies of this state.  We need to send that message.
Furthermore, the conditions we have in place for FUNDING should not change.  (3)

JOHN MCCAIN on HANNITY, September 13th 
"The Libyan people are friends of ours and they support democracy."

Sean starts his interview with McCain with condolences for Ambassador Chris Stevens who McCain knew. Sean is beyond outraged and angry about Obama's reaction to all this (the embassies being attacked, the chanting in support of Al-Qaeda, the ripping of the flag, which was, through the State Department, to apologize to them. 

McCain The apology was a weak statement that was later changed. It's a situation in which the Egyptian government had the responsibility and FAILED in protecting the embassy.
Sean: The Egyptian President MORSI is calling for more protests.. President Obama confirmed aid will continue. Why are we still funding them? Is that a mistake?

McCain: Btw President Mohammed MORSI did go to Tehran and condemn Bashir Rassad.

Sean reacts.. Did he condemn IRAN when he was there? No. What was the purpose for that meeting except probably align with Iran in their hatred for Israel.

McCain: I know this. Egypt is the heart of the Arab world... It is not in our interest to see it to travel down the path of Radical Islam, or for Al-Qaeda to gain a foothold there. Extremism. We need to recalibrate whether our assistance there will help or hurt. There needs to be a re-examination of our relationship, but to cut off all relations with them is not appropriate.

Sean wants to know how is it that Hannity predicted that this wasn't a "democracy" movement.
 How is it we predicted with pinpoint accuracy that the Muslim Brotherhood would be in charge in Egypt and that their first task when they took over parliament, was to declare Israel our ally, their enemy.
Sean: How is it that the Administration didn't see this coming and kept telling the American people "this is democracy" .. and they want Sharia Law implemented now?? McCain: That's not clear that that's true.
McCain: There were people at Fox like you who said in Libya we did not know who they were. Let's not help these people. They had an election that night. They rejected Islamists. Yes, there are factions of Al-Qaeda. The Libyan people are friends of ours and they support democracy. They had a free and fair election. So YOU (Sean) were wrong about Libya.
Sean: I dont think I was wrong about Libya at all.

McCain: I know you were.
Sean: NO I was not!
McCain: They had a free and fair election, and a democratic, non-Islamic government was elected. So you were wrong.

Sean: So while it was happening, I always say, what are you going to replace it (Egypt) with? They didn't think the Muslim Brotherhood would take over. This is a known terror org...
McCain: I am not attacking the side of the Administration. All I am saying is that the largest nation in the Arab world is something we have to carefully calibrate our actions with


MICHELE BACHMANN on Hannity September 17th
It is my belief and my opinion that Barack Obama has been the most dangerous President we have ever had on American foreign policy.  President OBama needs to get his priorities straight. What he needs to do is cancel his interview with David Letterman, cancel his meeting with Beyonce, cancel his meeting with JayZ, and instead agree to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. (5)\
MARCO RUBIO on video September 20th
"While we are angry we should still be smart about our foreign policy" / "There is a difference between Libya and Egypt."

In this lengthy segment, Marco Rubio is echoing what John McCain said on Hannity: 1) He blames Egypt for not securing the Embassy and 2) There was a legitimate election in Libya. The government there is trying to do the right thing. (If all of that is true, why didn't the State Department send the money allocated for security there?) 

Marco Rubio says that working with Egypt is important, that despite the fact that Morsi is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood there, that even if we are angry, that we should have smart foreign policy there.  He says he knows we're upset at the terrorists. (NO, Marco, we're upset at this administration!)
Senator Rubio says the terrorist extremists attacked the consulate, not the people of Libya (that is what both Hillary and McCain have said), that there are protests going on in Libya against the terrorists.  Not once during this speech does Senator Rubio BLAME THE STATE DEPARTMENT or HILLARY CLINTON specifically for SIGNING off on NO MARINES to protect the consulate.

With regard to sending aid to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan, Rubio says that not all these countries are the same, that we should expect more from the Muslim Brotherhood, that they should say to their people what they say to us in English, but he is not clear on whether t
here should be no more aid to EGYPT, specifically, who happens to be sponsoring terrorism. He says the situation is "complicated."

Rubio further states that none of these events are happening because of a video. That extremists who commit these acts of violence are offended by women and christianity.  That our whole culture is offensive to them. That this is a critical moment for the Muslim Brotherhood. Again, my question to Rubio is WHY IS HE TRYING TO REASON WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE ATTACKING US??

His last point was that we WILL support those wanting a better future, and concludes by saying to Senator Paul who is calling for restrictions on aid to these countries:  "There is a difference between Libya and Egypt".   (6)

A vote taken in the Senate to restrict foreign aid to these countries. Only 10 Senators voted in favor, 81 against, and 9 undecided.  The rest voted for unlimited aid. Here are the names: (7)

I agree with Sarah Palin, Allen West and Michele Bachmann.  We would be better off not sending foreign aid to countries whose governments seek to destroy us.

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"I don't consider him a leader, I consider Barack Obama a politician."

Sean starts with ads that Obama spent $70,000 to disavow the film: Administration Running Ads On Pakistani TV Featuring Hillary And Obama Disavowing Mohammed Fil

Sean: (Summarized) We are sending taxpayer money for that ad in Pakistan. The blame the movie, the movie .. It's self-evident that it was terror and now we're back to the movie again. Help me out here, Governor.

Sarah: Right, so now in the midst of this apology tour we see our embassies in the Middle East under siege. So how is it that Apology Tour working out for you Mr. President? Look, if our fearless
leaders insist on waving the white flag like this, they need to bring our troops home from the Middle East. No more blood, no more U.S. treasure spent. Not one drop if those in control of our troops lives and our tax dollars going to things like this are going to capitulate, apologize for our first amendment right of freedom of speech that our troops are over ther fighting for. Sean, our Commander in Chief is contradicting what we believe our troops mission is and that is to Protect Freedom.

Sean: It's to protect freedom, but this lie that they've told is protecting the perpetrators of terror, the murdereres of Americans. Is it Al-Qaeda they are protecting, too, in the process? Because why, they don't want to admit that saying torture worked and that the apology tour didn't work? What is the thinking behind this?

Sarah: Well, certainly he is succeeding in weakening America when it comes to these foreign policies that he is adopting. It is the antithesis of Reagan's peace through strength and I believe that other countries are looking at America today as this paper tiger that we're not going to follow through on a threat or sanctions or those things that we need to do in order to be that beacon of hope and bright light that other countries could look to America and wish to emulate, those practices of ours to help create a safer, more peaceful world. Have you ever seen a more disorgnaized and dishonest administration than what you are seeing today, and when it comes to these convoluted, mixed up messages of theirs, as they try to convince the public many sides of the story.
Sean: The Libyan President told us this was premeditated, contradicting all the spin they were giving us. We were we had three days notice. This happened on the anniversary of 9/11 and then we discover that we didn't beef up security? Now thank God Univision asked the question but he dodged it.

Sarah: It is atrocious what is going on otherwise we are wasting Why wouldn't the president beef up security here? So in the process do you think this was premeditated lying by the President to cover up their bad policies?

Sarah: Well, the President is masterful at dodging the question and the press really stinks at following up and making him anser questions, and making him be accountable to the people who have elected him to be a leader, though I don't consider him a leader, I consider Barack Obama a politician.

Again, Sean, it is atrocious what is going on and we need to exert strength. We need to be protecting all those things that we have believed that our troops are in war zones for; otherwise, we are wasting U.S. blood and treasure and I say no more.

 Sean: Here's what's driving me crazy as well.. all the pandering, I'll stop torure, it's interesting it all happened in Cairo, accusing our brave men and women of torture, and saying he'd close Gitmo which he never did. Some of us saw this coming. Here's the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood: Allah our Objective..The prophet our Leader. the Qoran our Law. Jihad our Way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest HOpe. You think one tax payer dime should be sent to Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt to Morsi who has called the Israelis vampires?

Sarah: Well no, not unless the Egyptian government changes its tune and says not suport the tenets Muslim brotherhood's beliefs that stimy freedom and seek to harm the US. Remember we were told and when Mubaref was being ousted and you and I had said well it looks like he's out the door, but we asked who the replacement would be when were threatened with this Muslim Brotherhood..We were told that they were harmless and that they would seek to be allies of the U.S. WE're finding that that is not the truth. 

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