Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Post # 42  Is GOP REFORM more feasible than a Third Party?

The New Third Party elicited quite a response! Someone asked me about it today and I answered this:

First, Second and Third, It is up to Sarah to create a Third Party. In spite of the fact that I detest the Jeb BUSH dynasty and what it has done to our party for years, I have stated that throughout that what I am trying to do is to expose this problem, and I kept asking, what is the solution?

As I was laying out the scenario, I felt in my heart I had struck a nerve because there is definitely discontent with the GOP. But based on the response I got, I soon got the impression that it could never really happen unless she led the effort. Here is why.

In just two days, I entertained thoughts from Conservatives and others, and found 100,000 ways in which they would not come together under one umbrella. Everyone had a different vision of what the party should be. Some wanted to just rebel against the establishment, others wanted a LEADERLESS party, and some wanted other candidates to lead. We are TOO individualistic and splintered as voters.

That is our nature! God bless us for that but being too opinionated can only make things more difficult.

The ONLY way to do a third party is for Sarah Palin herself to start one.

Again, I have to be responsible in what I say. I never said I wanted to start the party, I just said there is enough DISGUST with the BUSHES’ GOP for me to want to start a new third party, and that I was offering reasons for doing so (the JEB Bush access to the GOP machine mainly) but ..

I said I would never venture out and do it alone. It was an option to consider. I like taking action when something is collectively agreed upon, but I NEVER ACT ALONE nor DO I WANT TO! This is simply not up to us. In addition, I said I wasn’t sure about the logistics of expenses entailed. It might be less expensive for Sarah to take on the establishment and run against the MACHINE than it would to start a third party. I do not know, but it sounds like it would be.

There is no other leader who I would trust holding a baton in a relay race, let alone, leading a Third Party effort. It entails a lot more than just READ MY LIPS NO MORE BUSHES!! or I’m sick of the GOP!! I would get on Board immediately if she said that that is what she wanted to do. She did say that if the GOP failed, it would be an option.

So, it is not a stretch in anyone’s imagination to think it could be a solution. But, if Sarah decided to run for President, it would be crazy for her to let people know BEFORE 2014. That is a long two years from now. Starting a party would take much longer than that. NO MATTER what she does, it will be great, but we must understand that without her, this Third Party idea would fail.

Now to the GOP Voters (which is a problem that needs to be addressed as GOP voter reform). They constantly complain about candidates not being exciting enough to vote for, but never stop to think WHY we fall into the same situation over the years and don’t connect the dots very well. Take for example, people who support Marco Rubio.

I am Cuban-American and sometimes I like Marco Rubio and sometimes he disappoints me greatly, because more than anything I want GOP REFORM and to me, his association with Jeb Bush is the biggest ISSUE I have with him! There are well-informed voters who I talk to who say they are TEA PARTY, yet support Rubio 2016, and it makes me cringe!! They say they don’t like BUSH and repeat the mantra “No More Bushes” yet would gladly accept RUBIO as Bush’s Vice President should he be asked. Rubio himself has said he wants to run, but would let Jeb Bush take the lead if he ran. (WhY?) That’s another story for another day!

So, if you want Rubio because you’re TEA PARTY, why would you accept a presidential run by Jeb Bush with Rubio as Vice President? Is it a disconnect? To me it is. And inconsistencies to me are one of the things I thrive on catching in politicians and now IN VOTER THINKING. I hate it when people SAY they want REFORM, but then don’t take any steps to make it happen, or when I know voters are kidding themselves (for whatever reason, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt always) but then act all surprised when results are different from what they expected.
As Conservatives, that has to change. We have to be bolder, more intellectually honest about our candidates (even questioning the ones we like), and better listeners. It’s not just important to give your opinion, but to listen to others when they speak. We have to MEAN what we SAY and SAY what we mean. DO WE or DO WE NOT want reform? a third party? NO BUSHES? WHAT do we want? It would be great to have a SUMMIT to discuss the future of the Republican Party and have Sarah Palin and Allen West to speak, then do a townhall with our favorites. NO establishment heads, just US. WHY NOT?

Are you following me? I hope so. Whether we have GOP reform or start a new Party to put them in their place, we need to be feisty, yet smart, less tunnel-visioned, yet more resolute; less rigid, yet more decisive. We need to adapt to the circumstances we are in and yet, keep focused on the task at hand, which is TO REMOVE the ESTABLISHMENT from POWER. Do you agree?

I am providing the survey below just to see how Conservatives react to a JEB BUSH 2016 scenario. Please fill it out if you can, and pass it along to your friends like I did by pressing ASK FRIENDS. Let’s see how willing people are to really OVERTURN our Establishment. We have to DO better at communication among ourselves.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is considering a run for POTUS? Would YOU support JEB BUSH ~ CANDIDATE ~ for POTUS 2016?

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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