Thursday, January 17, 2013


rubio handshake
As much as I would like to reclaim our party and ask the elite to take a hike, I have to admit on days like this, I just want to throw my hands up in the air and quit. They will never change! But I won't. That is what they want me to do.. feel discouraged and left out. We have seen this play itself out year after year, but this IS OUR Party, and I am not going away!

So the GOP is not interested in our input. What's new? Everything has always been mapped out for us anyway, so instead of giving up, why not use their predictable ways to our favor? Surely we can beat them this time. I think it is revealing (and unflattering!) that the GOP has had to resort to this kind of early promotion and campaigning. It only affirms how strong and effective the Conservative base has been. Consider this a good sign to not feel defeated.

Here is the youtube clip of Marco Rubio's appearance last night on The O'Reilly Factor. Notice how Mr. OReilly is not really pressingMr. Rubio very hard on the issues he disagrees with him on. [youtube=]

It is undeniable that Marco Rubio is part of the next in line for the presidential race in 2016, second to Jeb Bush, of course, his mentor, who is at the top of the GOP heirarchy. As early as two days following the election, I found out that Jeb Bush had a book coming out on Immigration Reform.

This appearance is a natural way to start getting some buzz out there on the subject. The term "Immigration Reform" probably came from the same genius consultants who brought us "Compassionate Conservatism" for Bush 43's campaign, and "Reform Conservatism" at this same time last year during CPAC.

Immigration Reform is code for Amnesty. The left knows this, and it knows it is a losing strategy for Republicans because it divides us. That is why they are beginning to use Marco Rubio as the new GOP useful idiot, just like McCain was in 08, and Romney in 12. See the pattern? If we are to REFORM and take back our party back, we must address how issues like this are used by the left to divide us.

It's not about whether immigration reform works or not (it does not). It's about whether it is the message we want to represent our party. And it is not. Like I said in my video clip in December, our party leaders have hijacked our message to push an agenda we do not identify with.

Let's push back and push back hard! Rubio's personal blind ambition is a target for exploitation. Please read how the elite The New York Times now writes about him in a favorable way. It was shared by a personal friend and special colleague who has witnessed my gradual disillusion with Rubio and the realization over time of who he really is.

Marco Rubio would sell us down the river because of blind personal ambition and that he would sell his soul to the devil for personal power, opponents down here in Miami say. I've also heard he came from modest means, and is proud of having overcome that, which I do give him some credit for. But what I see right now is someone all too eager to please those who helped him get to where "he has arrived". The fact is, he should not be beholden to his mentor (which he is), but to us.

Pandering to Hispanics hurts the party. Now what? I will share with you that I have asked his campaign manager from 2010 to appear in our group to answer questions. I hope to have the opportunity to confront him, and to express my concerns, including my disappointment and convictions that what he is doing is wrong. Wrong for the party. I wish he wasn't, but he is part of the Establishment problem in our party and not the solution. Like I said in the video, Hispanics DON'T VOTE on Immigration! He does not speak for all Hispanics on this, specifically, he does not speak for me.

I will not take up more of your time. There is not much more to say. GOP Voters, I TOLD YA SO in December in this clip (just go to 2:18-4:43).[youtube=]

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  1. Hilarious. That's the future of the Republican party. Enjoy