Wednesday, January 9, 2013

John Boehner Was Losing and Won By Bribing Representatives With Favors! Now That Is Wrong!
louis gohmert and michele bachmann
This is outrageous. After my previous post, I learned that Michele Bachmann was not talking to reporters about her vote to renew John Boehner's speakership at the last minute.  It might have been because she was embarrassed, or was hiding something. Well, now we may know why! John Boehner was losing support and about to lose his Speakership, but just like ObamaCare was passed with bribes, Speaker Boehner used similar tactics to convince the few needed to vote for him by rewarding them with favors, favors including being made part of certain committees, or giving certain bills a chance to be looked at in committees.
According to Congressman Louis Gohmert, "We don’t do earmarks anymore. That use to be the way you would get people on board."

Thankfully, Congressman Louis Gohmert shared what he knew about this vote in an interview with Larry O'Connor of Breitbart News. See the link below.

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For the full article with the interview:

Now, GOP Voters, I am addressing this to you. You need to tell your representative that for now, the State's concerns can come second to the nation's, and that you are willing to SACRIFICE a bill or two if the country's needs are not being met. Replacing John Boehner would have been a start in the right direction, but yet another opportunity has been wasted. Please tell them to stop using the state as an excuse for doing the WRONG THING!

The following twelve representatives did not play Boehner's dirty game. They deserve our praise and recognition. They will probably be outcasts now in DC.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) Voted Present: Rep. Stockman (R-TX) Abstained: Rep. Labrador (R-ID) Rep. Mulvaney (R-SC).

Everyone else betrayed us:
Aderholt Alexander Amodei Bachmann Bachus Barletta Barr Barton Benishek Bentivolio Bilirakis Bishop (UT) Black Blackburn Bonner Boustany Brady (TX) Brooks (AL) Brooks (IN) Buchanan Bucshon Burgess Calvert Camp Campbell Cantor Capito Carter Cassidy Chabot Chaffetz Coble Coffman Cole Collins (GA) Collins (NY) Conaway Cook Cotton Cramer Crawford Crenshaw Culberson Daines Davis, Rodney Denham Dent DeSantis DesJarlais Diaz-Balart Duffy Duncan (SC) Duncan (TN) Ellmers Emerson Farenthold Fincher Fitzpatrick Fleischmann Fleming Flores Forbes Fortenberry Foxx Franks (AZ) Frelinghuysen Gardner Garrett Gerlach Gibbs Gibson Gingrey (GA) Goodlatte GosarGowdy Granger Graves (GA) Graves (MO) Griffin (AR) Griffith (VA) Grimm Guthrie Hall Hanna Harper Harris Hartzler Hastings (WA) Heck (NV) Hensarling Herrera Beutler Holding Hudson Huizenga (MI) Hultgren Hunter Hurt Issa Jenkins Johnson (OH) Johnson, Sam Jordan Joyce Kelly King (IA) King (NY) Kingston Kinzinger (IL) Kline LaMalfa Lamborn Lance Lankford Latham Latta LoBiondo Long Lucas Luetkemeyer Lummis Marchant Marino McCarthy (CA) McCaul McClintock McHenry McKeon McKinley McMorris Rodgers Meadows Meehan Messer Mica Miller (FL) Miller (MI) Miller, Gary Mullin Murphy (PA) Neugebauer Noem Nugent Nunes Nunnelee Olson Palazzo Paulsen Perry PetriPittenger Pitts Poe (TX) Pompeo Posey Price (GA) Radel Reed Reichert Renacci Ribble Rice (SC) Rigell Roby Roe (TN) Rogers (AL) Rogers (KY) Rogers (MI) Rohrabacher Rokita Rooney Ros-Lehtinen Roskam Ross Rothfus Royce Runyan Ryan (WI) Salmon Scalise Schock Schweikert Scott, Austin Sensenbrenner Sessions Shimkus Shuster Simpson Smith (NE) Smith (NJ) Smith (TX) Southerland Stewart Stivers Stutzman Terry Thompson (PA) Thornberry Tiberi Tipton Turner Upton Valadao Wagner Walberg Walden Walorski Weber (TX) Webster (FL) Wenstrup Westmoreland Whitfield Williams Wilson (SC) Wittman Wolf Womack Woodall Yoder Young (AK) Young (FL) Young (IN)

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