Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Time to APOLOGIZE to the TEA PARTY!

I will start by admitting I am very upset at the GOP and its so-called leaders, but I am equally upset at the Voters in our Party!

If you are a GOP Voter and are still making excuses for these two GOP leaders, then we will never begin to reform the Republican Party. Your GOP is working against you day in, and day out, and all I have to ask you is, What are you going to do about it?

Being in denial about what is going on does not help anyone. And if you're not in denial and are afraid to talk about it, that is even worse. Choosing to remain silent about a problem has far worse consequences than speaking up and attempting to correct it. You get the party that you choose to have!

First, I really want to DEMAND an apology from MITT ROMNEY. I know it is late, and we will probably never get one, but he should apologize for wasting our time, our treasure and our attention on his failed candidacy which we predicted would happen, and yet are forced to accept.

I do not buy for one minute what his son, Tagg, said about him not wanting to run.  If it is true, that troubles me because he would have to be extremely dishonest and showing great disregard for all voters and the process overall.  If it isn't true, then it is even more pathetic because leaders do not make excuses for their failures. They take responsibility for them.

When people do wrong by others, they should not be parading themselves around as if life is
wonderful. It is not! I am tired of selfish politicking. Who is sacrificing, may I ask?! Not him!

ROMNEY ran against us in this last election. He started campaigning against us in 2007 by having his advisor, Kevin Madden, trash our leader by spreading a false charge that she was inexperienced.

Can we be honest?  This election was never about the GOP against Obama, but about the GOP
against us, We-the-People, who Sarah Palin represents.  Until you, GOP voters, Wake UP and admit this, we will never be able to focus on our "other" enemy.  It's no longer about the D's v. the R's! We must deal with the reality of who is undermining us, the GOP, who is supposed to be On Our Side, but is not.

The second person I would like an apology from is Dr. MICHELE BACHMANN.

I want to let it be known that Michele Bachmann will forever be known as the BACKSTABBER who always looks out for number one. She may have others fooled, but not me. Theory is one thing, and  applied knowledge is another. And loyalty in politics is NUMBER ONE. Just because what you do looks good on paper and you have good ideas, does not make you effective. It is unfortunate because she happens to have foreign policy that I agree with, but because she chooses to "fit in" instead of stand on principle, she loses my respect.  In any case, she is not only ineffective in D.C., but an ineffective Tea Party advocate who is unloyal to the cause she pretends to defend and its leader.

She took the Tea Party cause to start a caucus to further her career while inside Washington early on, and did very little more about it following that.  She then used her Sarah Palin's support and high profile to promote herself by raising much needed funds and publicity for her campaign, only to have staffers badmouth her in Iowa when she was running for President, thanks to the attention she enjoyed because of Sarah Palin in the first place.

Michele Bachmann leaves after a terrible primary, penniless and with no support from either the GOP or the Tea Party, manages to bounce back from the fall, only to disappoint all over again.

When will politicians learn? It never ceases to amaze me! Do they disappoint me? Yes. Does this surprise me?  Not at all.  

Here are the results of Boehner's Speakership renewal:
Allen West2
Colin Powell1
David Walker1

The few ~ too few who took a risk prove that there is a problem in Washington. These representatives are to be respected for having voted this way, are probably going to be considered outcasts now, but at least we have a few good men deserve our praise and recognition.  I know I will extend my thanks to each one today.
All of the above information is found in the link below:


  1. I Still Think,, Sarah Will Run Some Day ..

  2. Hey, I do, too!! Hopefully some day soon.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. I want to thank the tea party for all of their help in keeping Harry Reid in the senate firstly, and secondly for keeping him Majority leader. Please run Angle, Buck, O'Donnell, et al next time around also. Much appreciated now that you've saved us Democrats 8-10 Senate seats since 2010. Literally could not have done it without you!

  4. This is for the family of the Republican Party, not you. Thank you for your comment, God Bless YOu and Goodbye!

  5. Truth hurts. Tea Party is a progressive's best friend. I was able to vote for winning Democrat for Senate in Indiana thanks to Mourdock. Ahhh

  6. You're so right. Thanks for stopping by. Goodbye now.