Saturday, September 29, 2012

The October 3rd Presidential Debate is coming up.  We know what they are going to say. President Obama is going to put on make-up and lie through his teeth like he did in 08. He can’t hide those lying eyes and we cannot believe him if his tongue came notarized. The Tea Party, 41 million strong, is stepping up to the plate and turning out the vote because we know this race is not just about Romney who was not our first, second or even third choice. Unlike some GOP elites who voted for Obama in 2008 (Peggy Noon, Nicole Wallace) and other establishment pundits who are throwing him under the bus (Bill Kristol, Steve Schmidt), we are supporting Romney who IS the GOP nominee.

As patriots first we have to do all we can to save this country. YES, we can win! People are fed up! But we have to be more actively involved locally, get off of facebook for at least a week and check out our local offices where we can help local candidates as well as the national ones. We have to get over our shyness and tell our neighbors and friends who might be afraid to speak up, not to listen to the polls which are being juiced in Obama’s favor to discourage us. For whatever reason, there are people out there who are indifferent, don’t believe we can win, or don't think their vote matters! We must show by our example how excited, motivated and enthusiastic we are, and that they are not alone, but that time is running out.

President Obama has an abysmal record on the economy, a weak foreign policy (I’m being kind), a lying Marxist Media Machine that covers for him no matter what. He surrounds himself with the likes of SEIU thugs who frequent the White House and show up to work earlier than he does.  While Obama is busy tweeting on his blackberry, dancing, golfing, laughing it up at one party after another or rubbing elbows with celebrities on talk shows while the world is on fire, Romney is busy working. Unlike Obama's wife, Michelle, Romney's wife, Ann, buys her own clothes and takes vacations with her own money. Tell me where your treasure is, and I’ll tell you where your heart is. Romney will not attack Christians, our first amendment rights or lobby for gun control via murderous Attorney Generals who have blood on their hands.

Romney did not start his career in the living room of a known domestic hell-raiser and terrorist who still is busy reaking havoc in other parts of the world. He also happened to write his book for him. (By the way, how lame is it that President Obama does not write his own books, or speak eloquently on his own? It is tragically laughable!) He is shameless! Is there anyone you know who would proudly take credit for something they didn’t do? like the Nobel Peace Prize, your own book that launched your political career, or better yet, killing Osama Bin Laden? What a HOAX! And what a sad joke perpetrated on the American people. Gullible people who believed him in 08 have no excuse this time. Unlike Obama, Romney does not surround himself advisors who worship Mao, or close friends whose fathers have ties to Saudi Princes or brothers who want to take over the Presidency.

Obama shows nothing but contempt and disdain for this country, our military, and its citizens by insulting our intelligence every day. The Mideast is laughing in his face. He deserves a shoe thrown at him! When Navy Seals speak against him, what does he do? He sues their book!  He has no heart for America. He does not pledge allegiance to our flag. He wants his own flag (and more). Give him a second chance and you will see his nauseating smile plastered everywhere. He is leaving our gates open for more destruction and chaos. What caring head of a family would leave their home’s security for others to invade? Romney would never ignore an Israeli Prime Minister to attend a fundraiser with the likes of Beyonce and JayZ (who happens to believe in small government by the way, only he votes based on race.) It is simply alarming the number of people who are not yet indignant by his behavior.

This election is not just about one candidate or another. This election is about Good vs. Evil. We must defend what is good. We must do what is right. It will not be easy but it will not be in vain. We must fire Obama who represents everything we do not want for our families, our country, or the world!

Some countries don’t get a second chance. Mine didn’t. I am haunted by the 53 years (and still counting) of the devastation tyranny has caused Cuba. I will not sleep or tire until we prevail.

America, this elections is yours to get right. You must not be indifferent. You must not tire. You must not give up.  America, your country is calling you.

May God save us.

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