Friday, September 21, 2012


OCCUPY UNMASKED is released today, September 21st, and by Video on Demand on September 25th. It is Andrew Breitbart's last major work and legacy. It exposes the lying media who is still complicit in covering up the truth about the Occupy movement. This will pump you up and get you mad all over again just in time for the election.

Andrew is in the movie throughout explaining the movement, how the media covered it up, and its ties leading up to our so-called leader. It was so sad to see him on screen knowing he would have been thrilled to be there. Tampa was like a war zone there because of security, in great part due to this movie being shown.  What a tribute to Andrew that some from the movement, including code pink founders were invited to view the film and participate in a Q & A that followed.  While some had legitimate concerns, most chose the opportunity to moan and groan about how unfairly the movement was portrayed in the film.

Andrew Breitbart was a great patriot and hero in my book. He loved and defended Sarah Palin and the TEA PARTY movement like no one else in the media.  He made it "cool" to be Conservative.


HERE is the latest clip by David N. Bossie unmasking the media's bias in a recent interview:


And HERE are some pictures of the Question & Answer session that took place after the screening:
(August 30, 2012)

You may have noticed there is a young man in most of the pictures. He was a libertarian (Ron Paul supporter probably).  He was so annoying that after he had his chance to speak he kept interrupting the the cast on stage who had to quiet him down on a couple of occasions. He was seated right behind me, so to me it was fair to record and take pictures of him as he frantically took notes and made his outbursts.  I know they take their efforts seriously, but I could not help myself.  The last one clip had me in stitches and I am stilling laughing to this day! (I'll refer to him as the Libertarian) ~Enjoy!~ 

1st clip:  Libertarian complaining why his message is not shown in the film:   

2nd clip:  Protester complaining the police is out in full force and is scaring everyone away. Libertarian yells "you should be ashamed!"

3rd clip:   Libertarian yells at Bryan Carmody (former detective in the film) "you're a liar!"

4th clip:  Ron Paul Libertarian talking back to me:

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please be sure to check Blog Posts # 22 through 24 for my entire experience there (if you haven't already).
One more thing.. this was OWS one year later this past Monday.  Where's the media?

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