Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BLOG POST #26           NEVER FORGET. 2001. 2008.     

After a day of reflection and prayer I cannot stop thinking about how grave a situation we have before us, and how Obama has to be gone, no matter what, by November 6th. Browsing through links and pictures of 9/11 brings it home.

GOPAYL was founded to keep an eye on the GOP. We have. We will not forget what our mission is. We will continue to rant and vent and pray that what is right will be done. But NOW is NOT the time to hurt the cause that has motivated most of us since 2008.

I believe there is a balance that must be struck between staying principled as a voter and citizen and doing what is right for the greater good. God bless the close-knit Palin community who fights with heart and passion. It is up to everyone to do what they feel in their heart is right.

I can only share what helps me COPE and even get optimistic about the future: the fact that this election is really NOT ABOUT MITT ROMNEY and that yes, he can win. WE JUST NEED to step up to the plate, even if we continue to watch what he does. That doesn't mean we stop keeping a watchful eye on our leaders.

ROMNEY is the nominee. I do not feel I have to cheer him on necessarily, but I cannot hurt the cause that others are trying to fight, including Sarah Palin. I was thinking about this today, but for Obama, there might not be the intense adoration and passion that she ignited in our hearts several years ago. WE would have loved her for the treasure that she is, but it was because there was Obama that her spirit, and clarity and "light" was brighter. I will never forget what the GOP did in 2008. But I cannot honestly say that Romney was the one keeping me up at night. It was Barrack Obama.

I am only speaking for myself. As adamant as I may feel about the GOP, and as much as I will continue keeping the pressure on (without it, let's face it, they would not be pushing back as much as they have been), I have to say this: I am a team player. Let's deal with first things first and keep our priorities clear.

Again, we do not have to give up on what we believe. I do not like MITT ROMNEY. He is not the TEA PARTY/CONSERVATIVE candidate. He is the GOP establishment, Liberal Progressive Republican candidate. But the GOP cannot win this election without us. Let them take all the credit in the world for it. I will not let my pride get in the way. Obama has to go.

9/11 serves as a reminder that Obama does not act like ONE OF US, he does not believe in the same fundamental principles as we do, and he does not worship the GOD of GOOD. He sympathizes with the religion that claimed the lives of 2,998 helpless souls eleven years ago. He is cold, detached, and "leads" with just words and no heart for America.

There are many things I cannot forget, but this I know: THIS ELECTION is NOT about ROmney. He is not the one who kept us awake at night out of fear for our future. This election is about getting rid of OBAMA. It is about GOOD V. EVIL.

I will humbly pray that we come together, in our individual, unique ways, to do what is right.

Thank you for reading.

Isabel Matos


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