Saturday, September 1, 2012

BLOG POST # 24    OCCUPY TAMPA: How a TEA PARTY "Outsider" felt like an insider despite the RNC! (Part III)
At the end of an exhausting but exciting three days, I died and went to heaven.  The unbelievable opportunity to meet Lieutenant Colonel Allen West made every effort worthwhile - the hurricane warnings, the security zones, the lack of enthusiasm for my party's convention!  He was in the tent next to the Film Event doing a special fundraiser. 
At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 30th, 2012, I was able to not only to shake hands with Allen (that is what he asked me to call him), but to have the chance to let him know how unhappy we were with the GOP and how they are trying to exclude the TEA PARTY from the process.  I told him about GOPAYL.  I said he had a group of very loyal and devoted grassroots Palin supporters who loved  him very much.  He was enchanted, of course. 
I probably stumbled, stuttered and looked like an idiot as the words somehow came out of my mouth, but since I have close friends who would die for the chance to meet him, I swallowed my pride and was happy  to give it my all.  I hope this friend appreciates the sacrifice I made for her on this day. ;) It was very difficult, indeed! (I am kidding, of course.) I dedicate this blog to her.  This was the perfect ending for my story in Tampa, which began with an invitation from a gifted filmmaker.  He was just the greatest out of so many great reasons why I felt like an insider as an outsider at the RNC Convention, after all.
Thank you, Mr. West.  I will remember this day with gratitude, pride and admiration for all you've done to restore dignity and honor to this country. I wish you the best this election year and always. God bless you on behalf of myself and all my members at GOPAYL!   

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