Friday, December 28, 2012

 by Brianus Berkleianus

From the very moment and instant on the dire and doleful night, 4 November, 2008, that the Presidential election was called in favor of barack hussein obama, my battle cry, my battle standard, my battle trumpet-call became "SARAH 2012." I know that it was exactly the same for millions upon millions of American Patriot Hearts on that sad and yet hope-fraught evening.

In effect, the very first thunderous call and summons to arms was one that was the more powerful and profound for the very depth of its sad silence: The mute and moving and marvelous testimony of the Governor's diaphanous eyes as Steve Schmidt and other members of Senator McCain's brutish "Headquarters" staff cruelly and callously barred her from speaking to her people, the American People, after the Senator had delivered his concession speech.

The murmur and whisper that was born in our hearts and in our hopes in those minutes and hours only grew and grew and grew, as the 2008 Calendar's final page handed off the Baton of Time to the New Year of 2009. 2009 passed swiftly and sweetly into the midterm election year of 2010. The wave of patriotic ardor and fervor seemed only to be on its triumphal ascent, but hardly to have crested and peaked and crowned its path of glory, as the American People dealt obama and his Party and his policies a crushing "refudiation" at the bar and ballot box of public judgment on Election Day 2010.

We all thought: "This is great, but we ain't seen nothin' yet--just wait 'til 2012!!!"

Then came the 5th of October, 2011 ….

Now that the tapestry and text of this Year of Grace 2012 lack but a few hours' and a few days' scant threads and pages to complete their tide and tale, what are we to think about, what are we to say about the phrase "SARAH 2012"??

Was it all in vain?

Was it all for naught?

Will the gallant syllables and sounds of "Sarah Twenty-Twelve" be buried in the same grave as the soon-to-be late and already much-lamentable Year MMXII ??

I think not.

I will soon be displaying my new "SARAH 2016" buttons and bumper stickers (I already would be, but I am waiting for a wider selection of designs to become available on the internet!!)

But Never, ever, ever will "SARAH 2012" be forgotten.

Yes, my car will soon, in proud defiance of Berkeley "liberals," be displaying a "Sarah 2016" sticker..

But the spanking new sticker will share place and pride on my vehicle next to the old veteran of 2012, whose tints and tones and colors remain remarkably fresh and bright and new, even after a grinding and grueling four-year campaign!!

"SARAH 2012" meant so very, very much to all of us.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the nascent TEA Party came into existence and grew in youthful strength and power and vigor as 2009 rolled and rolled on.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the Governor progressed on her triumphant Going Rogue book tour in the closing and fading and dying cadence of the final weeks of the same Year of 2009.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as Sarah Braveheart struck out across all the lovely but beleaguered boundaries of America, North, South, East, West, and fought and fought and fought the good fight of 2010.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence as the Lioness of Liberty hurled her fearless and feisty gauntlet of defiance in the teeth of obama and his thugs, with her splendid and unforgettable "Mr. President, GAME ON" speech in Madison, Wisconsin in April of 2011.

"SARAH 2012" filled us with joy and hope and confidence on that momentous and fateful early-September day in Indianola, Iowa when a terrible storm drew back its somber veils and vestures, and revealed a noble sun, just as the Governor strode to her podium, and thundered forth her "shot heard 'round the world": Her Crony Capitalism oration, delivered in defiance of the blood- and dollar- and power-sucking political hacks and crooks of BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.

Then, the Good Lord and the good Governor know why, there came THE announcement on the fifth of the following month.

And so we stand poised on an edge and on an eminence of sorrow and of joy; of fear and of faith; of heartbreak and of hope.

If, no I will dare to say, in my fervent prayers and in my silver-tinged hopes, WHEN she wins the highest office in the land in 2016, and becomes, on a never-to-be-forgotten November's night, our President-Elect, still, still, still it will always, for the rest and residue and remainder of my days, it will always be the sonorous sound of the old battle-chant of "SARAH 2012," those bright and brave and bonny words of a beautiful and lost cause--it will always be these words that will move me, and move me, and move me.

SARAH 2012; and SARAH 2012; and SARAH 2012.


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