Friday, December 28, 2012

Why the GOP is Losing
By Wayne Mazza,
December 27th, 2012

To all my Conservative Patriots,

It is time for some reflection!!

I played four amateur sports in my lifetime and managed at different times, three of them. We won numerous championships in all of them.  I always stressed powerful defense; however, through my experience, I learned that a strong offense will win you more games than a strong defense.

This is why I get so upset watching these dumb Republicans and their even dumber pundits ready to cave, or moderate their stances without a fight.  They are so afraid of losing their power, that they don't realize that through capitulation, they are giving it away.  No damn message from any of these so called highly educated elite pieces of crap.

Now when 2013 gets here, and the liberals start to spread their lies on the Social as well as the Lame Stream Media, here are some facts we can throw in their faces:

1.   ObamaCare was constructed entirely by Democrats with majorities in the House and Senate.

      This means the DEMOCRATS OWN the largest tax increase in history on the American Public. 

2.   When companies start laying off or reducing hours to their workers because of ObamaCare, the

3.   If we go over the fiscal cliff, the lack of compromise from the President and Harry Reid is where
      the blame should fall.  The DEMOCRATS OWN IT!

4.  Their failure to pass a budget for four consecutive years has given us a $16 trillion dollar debt,
     and with the majorities in the House and Senate for the first two years of Obama's first term, the

5.  Class warfare and the pitting of our citizens against one another, THE DEMOCRATS OWN IT!

6.  The passing a bill (ObamaCare) without knowing what was in it (Nancy Pelosi ~ D), like taking a
     mortgage out without knowing the cost, interest rate, or total years of loan. THE DEMOCRATS 
     OWN IT!

 7.  Regulations put in place to make banks loan money to people that could not afford housing by
      Democrats and managed by Barney Frank though Fannie Mae was the cause of the economic
      meltdown, not George W. Bush. DEMOCRATS OWN IT!!

 8.  Even though Democrats like to call anyone that does not agree with their policies a racist, the
      KKK was started by the Democratic Party to accomplish two things, to kill Republicans in
      Congress and to manipulate the black labor, in other words, keep them as slaves.  THE   

9.  When so-called civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bring up racism, let us
      remind them that 70 to 80% of the slaves were sold to white slave traders by Black Tribal
      Leaders.  (Just Google it).   DEMOCRATS OWN IT!!

10.  Finally, the "Coup d'Etat" by the LSM is, you guessed it, OWNED BY THE DEMOCRATS!!

Now, either buck up or stay in the truck!!


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