Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 ~ A Year to Remember
A Voice is Unleashed.
March 6th:       Letters to the RNC

April 25th: First Post "The Follow-Up" Don't You Dare Feel Defeated!

August 14th:   Karen Harrington Wins Primary in Florida

August 28th-30th: Citizens United & Victory Films Event ~ Tampa, FL
Stephen K. Bannon, David N. Bossie, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich,
Rick Santorum, Anita Moncrief, Gina Gentry Loudon,
 Allen West
October 25th-27thNew Orleans Investment Conference
~ Sarah Palin ~
November 7th:    Open Letter to the RNC

December 3rd:   Brevity and Fire ~ GOP: LEAD!

December 5th:  Welcome Isabel to The Speech A Time For Choosing

December 26thGOP Voters: We Have A Problem In Our Party!

December 31st:   "You set My Soul On Fire"
Dedicated to GOPaYl inspired by the Palin Movement and Community 2012.
Thank You, Sarah Palin

 The Power of One Voice.


  1. Happy New Year Isabel!! You have a great site here!

    1. You are awesome! Please leave the link to your page. We need to support one another and be witnesses to each others' efforts.

  2. Sarah Palin can't even run her own house. Teen daughter w at least one child. Three college age children and not one in school. Son had to join Army to avoid jail. She should just try to get her own family in order and leave politics to more thoughtful people.

  3. This is not a site for trash talkers like yourself.

    God bless you and Goodby!