Friday, May 18, 2012


Friday, May 18th, 2012.


Dear Readers,

I have been watching the pathetic crew that is the GOP leadership for months now. It is painful to watch. I have direct quotes that PROVE the RNC/GOP is TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH FOOLING YOU ONCE AGAIN!!

Let me stress what I meant: the GOP is out to destroy, YES, DESTROY, every effort that the TEA PARTY has made up to this point to bring this country really forward, which is back to what its intended purpose was. THE GOP IS THE GRAND-OLE PROGRESSIVE PARTY that has declared war on you and me, WE-THE-PEOPLE!! Yes, our efforts are being undermined yet again! THE “GOPP” DOES NOT SEEK TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. THEY NEVER INTENDED TO. THEY ARE SEEKING ONLY TO IMPOSE AND VEHEMENTLY PROTECT AND PERPETUATE THEIR OWN: A LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN AGENDA resulting in BIG, STATIST, yes, I said it, big statist government policies, not the least of which will include Health Care. They do not plan on repealing ObamaCare, even if the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declares it unconstitutional. I will show you.

First things first, right? Let’s clean house starting from the top, then, shall we? and begin by identifying the problem for clarity’s sake. We can talk about Romney forever, but this is bigger than the “square” peg he is.

This is the problem that Reagan spoke of 37 years ago just this past week: the need to revive the Republican Party with bold colors of conservative principles, not pastels.

May I be so bold as to tweak his comment a little and use SHADES OF GRAY to depict what many see happening right now? “Gray” Progressivism is the cancer that has infected both the Republican and Democratic parties and the distinction between the two is just the hue. Whether you’re light gray (Liberal Republican Progressive) or dark gray (Liberal Democrat Progressive), it doesn’t really matter. You’re STILL GRAY! Have you ever heard of someone being a little pregnant? It’s impossible! You either are or you aren’t. Progressivism manifests itself in a lesser or greater degree, but it IS still progressivism!

The GOPewants to keep parts of ObamaCare! Keeping parts of OBamaCare is like being a little pregnant or a little gray. Get it, now?! If that is not enough to convince you that you and I are being taken for a ride again, then PLEASE LISTEN to Mark Levin’s rant and my transcriptions of Reince Priebus‘s words on Greta following my commentary.  Being straightforward while not really "lying" is a trick that mild-mannered RNC Chair/attorney uses to hide the Progressive GOP plans.

In the end, it is up to you to come to your own conclusion, but please take note and admit: GOP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ABOUT THE PREDICAMENT WE ARE IN!!!! You heard me! They don't care because they have been playing this game for a long time, and it has paid off. They don’t care if they win or lose. They will still be in power. We are the ones who will suffer.

Even though they seem stupid to us, they are not. They are not clueless either, or even incompetent.  Does it make sense that people who invest so much money in polls and studies would not know how we feel about Romney or OBamaCare? NO! IT WOULD DEFY LOGIC TO THINK THEY DON’T. They know exactly what they are doing. Elections are nothing but a sport to them, a numbers-driven game. Every now and then they get lucky and win. Their “machine” or enterprise is highly-organized. Years are spent grooming a candidate or planning a strategy. It’s all very calculated and methodical. Never mind passion, merit, or what is right. They always win because they stay in power no matter what happens. Keeping you at bay or making you feel discouraged is deliberate.

They may not say it, like a Socialist would never admit he/she is a Socialist, but they are Liberal Progressive Republicans and not just “establishment” or “elite”. They are quite content with the direction our country is headed, in fact. They must be giddy that Obama has done most of the dirty work for them by expanding government even more. So, not only are they scheming, they are lazy as well. What a bunch of lame, gutless wonders! They love the fact that the Democrats pushed for Health Care because it kept them on the popular side.

Isn’t that special? The GOP struggle is NOT stop Obama, like yours is, but to KEEP YOU, the only actual threat to their political existence, out of the equation.  Like it or not, that is the truth. Why else would they make our lives so difficult, and even impossible? Why else would we be fighting so desperately for our very survival? (With friends like these..)

Why would Priebus go on television claiming with certainty that Romney is in a position of strength to take on Obama Care? He also asserted in not so many words that it didn’t matter if SCOTUS found it unconstitutional. The GOP has the nerve to criticize Obama for going “forward”, but couldn’t be giddier about keeping part of his plan to do so! Both parties are in cahoots with one another. And we’re the ODD MAN OUT. MAD yet?!

I know I am stating the obvious in all I have described, but if you now know that this is going on, what are you going to do about it? I know I will not be able to bring myself to vote for a Party candidate who IS part of the problem. Many of my friends will not either. If our so-called “side“ has assaulted the will of the people, they should take responsibility for the outcome they wished for. They know what we want. They know Romney can’t win. What is the point in going through the motions? I will “under-vote” but hold them accountable for Obama 2012, and Jeb Bush can have his way and run in 2016!  Isn't that what this is all about?
Before that time comes, I will not be silenced!! I WILL CRY FOUL!! I WILL push back! I WILL NOT surrender to ANYONE who threaten my own existence! I WILL SHOUT UNTIL MY LUNGS COLLAPSE: YOU WILL NEVER TAME MY SPIRIT!! NEVER!!


Here are my transcribed words (done by hand) from Reince’s interview with Greta Van Susteren, On the Record, MARCH 22nd, 2012. Greta starts by mentioning the RNC ad called "higher costs", where the main line of attack is to show Obama's broken promises on healthcare, the debt and the deficit.

Greta: “How can you hit Obama hard on healthcare when the nominee, Governor Romney, "your" guy is from Massachusetts? How this is a position of strength?

Reince: "I take it as a position of strength. Because first of all, the President promised that he would lower healthcare premiums by 2500 out of his own mouth. He's the one that actually wanted to socialize medicine from the very beginning. He's the one that promised that access would go up to healthcare and all those promises were broken.

Romney has pledged from day one that he will repeal MOST of Obama Care. So I think he has been very clear on this issue. So have Gingrich and Paul and Santorum.”

Greta again emphasizes that it’s a harder sell, that they should go after Solyndra, looking at the Massashusetts thing (the federal government’s model), says she doesn’t understand the assault on ObamaCare.

Greta:  "Why not take on the wasteful $$ there? I don’t understand the strategy."

Reince:  “It IS a powerful assault because all of our candidates said they would repeal ObamaCare on day one. The country doesn't want ObamaCare. Look at what happened in Ohio. Those same democratic union voters there rejected the collective bargaining bill. They rejected Obama's signature piece of legislation. Not to exclusion of what you’re talking about. We can talk about gas prices and he flushes down half a billion dollars to Solyndra.”

Greta: “If the healthcare bill is declared unconstitutional by the SCOTUS in June, then does it go away?

Reince: "NO it doesn’t go away. Because it shows you where Barack Obama's heart is.. " Barack Obama’s heart is big huge cradle-to-grave government. And that’s not the beacon of freedom this country was founded up on and it will reject that, and we'll go with the PAUL RYAN approach of individual and economic freedom."


The interview clearly exposes the weakness in his argument and the GOP's strategy: to take on ObamaCare when Romney actually helped create it! According to REINCE, Romney's is in a position of strength to take on ObamaCare!! It also shows that, even if ObamaCare is ruled unconstitutional, the RNC Chair didn't seem the least bit perturbed by it, saying that it is in Obama's heart anyway (so what can we do, we like it, too, my emphasis). Mark LEVIN commented on this before. If the GOP really wanted to repeal Obama Care, they would attach it to a reconciliation budget bill that would require ONLY 51 senate votes and not the 60 required now. He has said it could be done after winning some seats in November. Mitch McConnell has been talking about taking the long route where it won't pass with Harry Reid. Mark named names, statist names, like: McConnell, Boehnor, Cantor. They are all for government healthcare. They go around pitching a loser sale of being conservative yet have their own agenda to grow govt. This IS shameless!!!

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