Saturday, May 19, 2012


Saturday, May 19th, 2012.

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This is the follow-up.  I've been lashing out at the RNC and GOP in my last three posts, and I thought I'd post the comment I just left on the new facebook site:  Convention Without Walls. Please check it out if you would like to submit comments to the RNC Chair.

I just had to write a response to his little video clip as he sets a tone that is both stilly and inappropriate for the occasion, in my opinion.

This is the "NERD ALERT" from Reince Priebus himself. (He used the term, not I.)
May 19th, 2012.

Hi Reince,

I'm not so sure I want to attend the Republican Naitonal Convention, given that the candidate the GOP has decided to get behind does NOT represent us.  This is the first time in my life that I feel the Republican Party has stepped over the line and egregiously ignored the will of the people.  I hope the ROn Paul supporters remind you how nice and fair we were (you know who I support).  It is a shame you/GOPe will have lead the WORST campaign in history given all we have done to urge you to do what is right. This country deserves better.  YOur constituents deserve better.  The world deserves to look to a shining city on a hill, not the awful mess that is about to unfold. 

We-the-People have not been invited to sit at your table, so I am proud to say that I want no part of the Republican Party's Charade.  Who do you think you are ou fooling now? Shame on you for not caring about us.  May God save this wonderful country which my parents sacrificed ALL to bring me to.  Not for this. Not for Obama. Not for Liberal PRogressive Republican Agenda.

It is regretful that We-the-Suckers will have to pay the consequences for your actions once again, and that, unfortunately, you won't feel our pain. We are hurting but YOU DONT GET IT.  YOu are highly-paid and well-rewarded for doing what you do which is to sell NOTHING.  Like Andrew Breitbart said, "If you can't sell freedom, YOU SUCK!" Well, RNC/GOPe has not sold freedom. YOU have packaged a lame excuse for a candidate. YOu know it is a slap in the face.  To celebrate  at this juncture is selfish and cruel, but very unwise,  given the discontent out there.  In fact, I am quite saddened by the events leading to the spectacle that is the Convention.  The process has been just.

I will NOT vote for ROMNEY. That is what you wanted, isnt, it?  (to be rid of us!?)  Be mindful in the end what you wish for.  Conservatives competed spiritedly and in good  faith.  YOu challenged us every step of the way.  Should you lose, we will have noted that four more years of Obama will be your claim to the WORST GOP LEADERSHIP in history. YOu may win in your circles, but we will win where it counts as the TRUTH always wins in the end. 


This site has general information about the convention.

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