Friday, May 25, 2012

BLOG POST #6:         ~  WE ARE LOSING  ~

Friday, May 25th, 2012.

To Jedediah,

I appreciate your comments and believe that people should think twice about what they say, like you said. That being said..

No one is perfect. We had a wonderful opportunity in 2010 to get a message out. We did. THe TEA Party for whatever reason has been m.i.a. this year. I saw Amy Kremer on Fox, in February. That is about it. She was not enthusiastic about Romney's lack of passion... and she described the type of candidate we needed: passionate, with grass roots and able to energize. I thought she was describing Sarah Palin. Maybe she was hoping for what so many of us were hoping, that she would get in the race. (As late as it is in the game, I still hope she does!) People are frustrated - and they have a right to be - Romney's nomination seems inevitable as we feel with all our heart he cannot beat Obama.

This was supposed to be the year where we got things right (we- the ones on our side). People feel betrayed and disappointed. Can you blame them? We have seen "our" favorite TEA Party candidates sell out over time. I attribute this to the efforts within the Party Elite to divide us so they can conquer and stay in power.. The GOP has backed Romney it seems for that reason alone imo. It is despicable. I have believed all along that the GOP has ignored us in an attempt to keep the TEA Party as far away from D.C. as possible, and as irrelevant as possible. The entire process has been staged. They know we don't like Romney. It defies logic that they would not know. They just don't want to win. Why? Maybe because Jeb BUsh wants to run in 2016. Is there any other plausible explanation for the absurdity?

But It is what it is. I can't say that I am feeling very positive these days. At least Sarah is trying to keep focused on what direction she wants to see the country go. Many of us, on the other hand, see a golden opportunity slipping through our hands. The comments I have been seeing are mostly out of frustration. I can't blame anyone for criticizing Sarah as much as I can't blame anyone for supporting her decision. We have been witnessing TEA Party candidate after TEA Party candidate betray their promises and turn to one of the them, the "ELites". It is a war THEY have declared on us. We are in a disarray because NO one is galvanizing us. Orrin Hatch is not the problem. The people's comments are not the problem. Sarah is not. These are all symptoms of what's really making people worried.. that we are losing. Again.

I am still really MAD about what happened in 08 and 12 is a spectacle. I am personally hoping and praying for a miracle to take place. May we all drop to our knees and beg for the Lord's mercy, not just now, but from now on.

Have a great day,


Isabel Matos

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