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Welcome back, dear readers! Your replies to my last blog left me a little speechless, but they inspired and touched me. Only time will tell if I will do this for long, but I can assure you that this experience is rocking my world already, and so are you! I’m stoked! Time constraints limit my own replies to yours, but please know I have read every single comment! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words! Gary’s blog is the BOMB!!!

Now, the follow-up. I thought it wouldn’t take long for the aggressive bunch over at Ron Paul World to strike back at the Republican establishment, and I have two examples to share with you today, one which should be reported to the FBI if not done so already.  Never underestimate the piranhas that ARE the Ron Paulites, is all I can say!

First, let me share with you the petition that was being circulated last week from one of Ron Paul's supporters’ sites:

RNC Rule's Preamble says; "BE IT RESOLVED, That the Republican Party is the party of the open door. Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality, of opportunity for all, and favoritism for none. It is the intent and purpose of these rules to encourage and allow the broadest possible participation of all voters in Republican Party activities at all levels and to assure that the Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the following be and hereby are adopted as The Rules of the Republican Party, composed of the rules for the election and government of the Republican National Committee until the next national convention, the rules under which delegates and alternate delegates shall be allotted to the respective states in the next national convention, and the rules under which such delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected and under which contests shall be considered, and the rules of business of this national convention."

Republican National Committee: Force resignation of Chairman Reince Priebus for violation of RNC Rul

Cool, right? Not so. As you may know, I have a group called GOPAYL. We are doing what we think is right, but things happen. This IS the grass roots, after all, and it feels like we’re in the weeds sometimes as we don’t have the RESOURCES we need to help us fight our cause! The fact that this was picked up is no one’s fault. It just shows how getting involved with Paulites is a risk at any level.  One of the members discovered the petition was linked to a liberal website. Sure we have been been poking fun at them for a while now, but their behavior must be taken seriously. Again, nobody is perfect. It is what it is, but since time is of the essence, I am hereby inviting anyone out there who has good, reliable information to contact us to share it.

A little down-time after a long day in the trenches is important so I like to kill two birds with one stone and watch some common-sense, conservative news with a cool twist.  Yes, like in “Cheers”, I go to a tavern where everybody knows my name. I’m talking about Mrl’s Tavern on Youtube. If you ever listen to his show you would know by now that he does the best run-downs of Ron Paul and the lunatic fringe that is his movement, which he calls Paul-Qaeda - dangerous, impossible to argue reasonably with, and just plain “whacked out”.  

I chose to present the second incident which occurred less than five days from by last blog using his clip, in which he reminds us that Paul and Romney have been in cahoots for months (Priebus has acknowledged this, see my blog 2). You will also hear how the real snake in all this has been Congressman Paul himself who has betrayed his followers for years (what a conniving sack of dirt, right?!, after all they have done for him!). Mrl warns them that the GOP will not put up with their intentions to create chaos, to quit while they’re ahead as they will fail.  They, of course, hate him.

It serves them right to be scorned and ridiculed like he does.  Zombies should only exist in video games and movies, and they have been so obnoxious that you would want someone to put them in their place, even if it IS the GOPe or a stern commentator; but, I cannot tell a lie, I want to see some chaos. I want to see
a royal battle develop because the GOP sure deserves to sweat a little after all they have done! And I couldn’t care less about “orderliness” right now, because IM STILL MAD AS HELL AT THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR BEING AT THE ROOT OF THE CHAOS WE ARE IN!!! THEY, NOT US, HAVE CREATED THE MESS WE ARE IN!!

WE SAID WE WOULDN’T LET THEM DO IT AGAIN TO US in 2008, AND HERE WE ARE, AT THEIR MERCY, ONCE AGAIN!! I SAY NO MORE!!!!! STOP IT!! and I mean to the voters: Stop it!! Stop caving to their manipulation and steering!~ It was not your fault! There is still time. Is anyone as mad as I am????? How else can I tap into the vein or nerve that is in you???

Those highly-paid, lying scumbags running the GOP should have to engage in a messy war against Paul-Qaeda because they are the ones who started it by deceiving everyone in the first place. No one is exempt.  GOPe lies to everyone!! They started this war. It seems fitting that we retaliate. They started it because they have been poking and prodding us, and thumbing their noses in our faces!  Dang it, they took our freshest TEA Party candidates in 2010 and bought them all out!  I can't forget that!  Candidates were muzzled from the start! They were given a number and told to wait their turn!  No sense of urgency whatsoever. Now we're supposed to believe those candidates just turned on us?  Really?

TEA Party or not, WE-the-People deserve better!! WE deserve a President who represents us, and our bests interests, not the ones that perpetuate the Party‘s Progressive Republican Agenda. We deserve someone WE can rely on, not the same old elitist patriarch-types who treat us like children! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired with the Elite’s strangle-hold of OUR party and OUR message! They make decisions that WE pay the consequences for. Why doesn’t that get you mad??? I don’t get it! Fight! Push back!!!

NO more packaged so-called “severe conservatives”. What in the heck is that anyway? I couldn’t care less if they have to deal with unruly, OWS-type zealots. They deserve it! And to think they were at odds with Sarah Palin supporters. Miss us, yet, Reince?  Jerk! FOOL!!  Liar!!  When Paul-Qaeda begins to discover their leader has used them, then what? They already know the RNC is up to no good. So, not just yeh, but Hell YEH! ALL hell should break loose before we are dragged into the same mud pit they are in! It is all oh, so unsavory.. but they all deserve to be in the same slop of slime! Why? Because they are Liars, they are all stained and dirty rotten pigs! PIGS!! PIGS!! I want no part of it! Get it, GOP?? 

Now for the link.  I didn’t have a death threat in mind when I said I wanted to see justice done to the wrong-doers. That is both violent and unlawful; however, I do want to see some form of justice done to the lying, cheating, stealing RNC and GOPe:   You wronged us, GOPe!! Shame on YOu!!! You must sacrifice like the rest of us!

Enjoy the show. See you soon!

(By the way, they are serving beer now while you watch!)



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