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Please remember I’m not a journalist, but I do make observations and take note when I see an inconsistency. And there is a slew of them in this election! I hope you’re ready because this one is a doozie. My follow-up will combine 1) the RNC’s admitted merger with Mitt Romney, 2) RNC Chair’s comments on Ron PAUL and his movement, and 3) the link that exposes the RNC is breaking rules again by helping Mitt!

First on the list is the merger and RNC Chair Reince Priebus’s comments “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren“ April 26th, 2012, the day after Mitt Romney’s victory speech ( You must see by the transcript below this commentary for the juicy details. (I love exactness!) I can summarize it in a few words: Priebus confirms officially RNC’s support for Romney, he asserts that Ron PAUL and Mitt ROMNEY have a strong relationship, that it is well-documented, and that the movement is pleased with the issues that he (Ron Paul) has been talking about which have become mainstream in the Republican Party.

I don’t know about you, but if I was a Ron Paul supporter, I would be pretty peeved!! This has to be annoying! Here I am, spending my life trying to get a guy to win, and this hired liar comes along to say we’re pleased with the mainstream message of the Republican Party, the very problem we have been fighting all along. It would not be a stretch to say that this IS quite a welcome, ironic twist for those of us who have been trying to get the attention of the GOP who has ignored and dismissed us for years. Yes, a treat, indeed. Maybe I’ll just sit back while eating popcorn to watch it play out!!!

If the RNC is hoping to court Ron Paul supporters by misleading the public on their “pleasure with the Republican Party‘s mainstream message“, they can knock themselves out! They thought they had a challenge with Sarah Palin supporters? They ain’t seen nothin yet!  To the RNC: you can deal with the annoying and obnoxious Paul supporters the rest of us have been subjected to for months. Nothing could be sweeter than the justice that is about to be done on you should they get defiant. The Paulites have been like piranhas in this election. They are devious creatures that will DEVOUR you!  To the Ron Paul movement, thanks, too! You can now deal with the lying RNC your way!  I could not be more gleeful or relieved that something is doing my work for me. Yes, I am loving every minute of what is about to hit the fan.!! I might get some goggles, boots and an umbrella while I’m at it. This is cosmic irony and political karma gone wild! Why get in the way of a huge brawl that is about to explode before our eyes!? I won't!

Seriously, though, it just goes to show you what the RNC is willing to endure, how many millions they are willing to spend, and what a war path they are willing to engage in with their constituents (war THEY have declared on us, not us on them). The GOP will lie, cheat and try to steer us until the bitter end, even at their own peril, yet they will not be caught dead or alive supporting Sarah Palin.

It begs the question, why would they endure such grief? (Jeb 2016, maybe?) How far must a party let the country sink for the sake of one man's quest for personal power (if indeed it is the case that Jeb is looking to run in 2016.) Has the party been hijacked by Bush Inc, or is this considered business as usual in GOP world? You would think they’d show a little urgency given the circumstances the country has been in for four years. What they show instead is a nicely glossed, shiny face (don't you just love that Dana  Perino?) that is hiding the corroded core inside. If we are being held hostage and IF there has been a deliberate attempt to divide We-the-People to complete a Bush 1, 2, 3 and yes, 4 (George, Jr. coming soon to an election near you) family resume, then POWER does corrupt, even the best among us. The Bushes used to be highly regarded, at least where I come from. They were always classy, but it is becoming painfully evident that they are blind, deaf and out-of-control GREEDY, which will hurt their cause and their party (not "ours") after all is said and done. Contrary to what Mr. Priebus said, this IS, in fact, about the Republican Party. (I wonder why he even mentioned that?)  

In the end, when We-the-People will have prevailed, they will have to lick their wounds as they cut off their proverbial nose to spite their face should everthing I have commented on be true. Watching their demise may be cathartic to many, but the future and soul of our country is at stake, and I think it is both despicable, unwise and 100% inappropriate. I do hope the insanity ends soon.

Here’s the script (Please feel free to copy and paste the comments in bold with Ron Paul supporters for fun)

(Intro: Greta’s show begins with a discussion about immigration. She mentions how it’s a sizzling issue in the race for the White House and cites a Fox News Poll taken April 22-24: Obama at 46%, Romney at 46%. GRETA: “Right now polls show President Obama and Mitt Romney in a dead heat. Both will be fighting tooth and nail for every single vote, and illegal immigration is one of the political weapons.. RNC Chair joins us..” Pleasantries are exchanged, a brief discussion follows. Reince says ultimately the referendum will be on Barack Obama, he discusses jobs, party message and messengers being in a better place than 08.)

GRETA: “All right, the Merger. RNC and Governor Romney, is it official?”

REINCE: “It’s official. I mean, we’re excited about it. We declared Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. We declared that this morning. It’s been a smooth transition. I mean so far we’ve had great people come in and be part of the team at the RNC. We’ve got liasons coming in at the RNC. That we’ve spilled that out in the media. Without getting into it, it’s been going well.”

GRETA: “All right, and the prediction is that Speaker Gingrich next week will suspend his campaign. All right, I’m curious, though, what about Congressman Ron Paul?”

REINCE: “Well, I mean we’ve been working really closely with Congressman Paul and his team. And I don’t know if you know, but his campaign manager is from Wisconsin, too.”
GRETA: “So that can’t be all bad.” (chuckle)

REINCE: “No, it cant be all bad (chuckle). No, we’ve shown him respect.”

GRETA: “Because he’s from Wisconsin? Or because he’s a campaign manager or is there another reason?”

REINCE: “Because it’s the right thing to do. And I think as we move forward, little by little in this operation, we’ve been communicating all of these things with Congressman Paul.”
GRETA: “He’s got a huuuuge, very potent following, I mean, I get flooded with emails from his campaign more than any other campaign in the last year and a half. What a bout.. What .. How do you get him inside the tent so he‘s cheering for your own team?”

REINCE: “Well, first of all, I think a lot of credit has to go out to Governor Romney. I mean he has built a very strong relationship with Congressman Paul. I think that’s been pretty well-documented.”
GRETA: “And if actually Ron Paul says, ‘Okay, Governor Romney, you’re my guy?' ”..

REINCE: “I think.. I’m not going to speak for Congressman Paul, but I’ll tell you this, I think that he has been and his movement has been pleased with the fact that many of the issues he‘s been talking about have become mainstream in the Republican Party. I think ultimately all of us can agree that this election is not going to be about the future of the Republican Party, whether you’re for Ron Paul, whether you’re for Mitt Romney, or wherever you’re at. I think all of us together, no matter where you fit in, it’s not about the Republican Party. It’s about the future of America. And we have to end the European nightmare that’s in the White House.”

Here is the May 3rd link showing how the RNC is violating its own Party rules (once again), and supporting what I transcribed above, in particular some of the parts I highlighted in bold.

~  “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.” ~   May 7th, 2012.


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  2. Yep, very well informed blog Isabel! Haha, let them deal with the "Paulites"... just wait and see. We've been there done that, it's their turn! Just makes me sick to see how twisted the party has become. I am seriously considering becoming an Independent after this year is all said and done. Anyways, good job Isabel! You'd make a great Tea Party Group Leader!

    1. Thank you, White Rose!

      There is a serious side to all of this, of course, but who says we cannot have a little fun while we watch this play out? Forget drama! This is going to be chaos! May the best gladiator win!

    2. P.S. I was wondering who that was.. Hi, Emelyne!

  3. As a follow-up, please be sure to read this article as it amplifies everything we have been saying in this blog. It is comprehensive, fact-filled and hard-hitting.