Saturday, August 4, 2012

BLOG POST #16   REINCE PRIEBUS "Sarah did a great job. Brought extraordinary excitement on the ticket!"

Is there a crack in the RNC's wall?  Maybe, but don't hold your breath.  Reince Priebus also said the theme of the Convention will be Romney's story.  Ugh!  Just like the McCain story..  Remember how well that turned out?  Well, this is the clip that made a bit of a buzz last night:

and on Monday, RNC chairman Reince Priebus told Greta VanSusteren on Fox news: “I think a lot of her and hope that she does speak.”

Sarah Palin, being the class act that she is, took the high road on Tuesday saying that the RNC had spoken to her "people" but there were still details which were unclear.  She said was "comfortable either way, speaking or not."  That should put to rest all the speculation about her cheering Romney at the Convention.  Let's face it, it would seem phony. 

SARAH may not be at the Convention at all, which means, my Tampa plans are suspended! I am disappointed, but it looks like I will save money this summer, easily over a thousand dollars that I don't have to spare, on hotel rooms, gasoline, nourishment and entertainment. I am still hoping she plans to make an appearance there, but when and where she plans to seems to still be up in the air!  So, I couldn't care less about the RNC CONVENTION production! We don't need it to boost our morale.  IN fact, the TEA PARTY can be proud to go ROGUE and be the outsiders of the entire G.O.P. Establishment Borefest!!  Let them throw their party!  They are stupidly throwing an opportunity away.

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