Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BLOG POST # 18       HERE WE GO AGAIN.. (with all due respect to "ABO" which I never liked..)

August 14th, 2012.
I know we're supposed to keep our spirits up and I am doing the best I can, but there are certain things that I find really repugnant in politics.. like trying to make a joke out of a seven-second delay. I am sure Reince Priebus is getting a chuckle, and in his circles it may be funny, but I'm still waiting for the punch line.  Even President Obama is amused.  This is wrong on so many levels!  ttp://www.policymic.com/articles/12732/chris-christie-gop-keynote-will-be-first-convention-speech-with-7-second-delay

It helps no one to point fingers, I know, but, I want to make it clear that I see where the GOP is going with this.. nowhere! Sarah not being reached out to is a sign of insecurity on the part of the GOP nominee who apparently feels threatened by "winning". This is HIS mistake, not hers, or ours.

It is also a red flag to me that the campaign is not going in the right direction, but why be repetitive and boring?  But for Sarah who cleans up the mess they leave behind, we're in trouble! Our worst fears and predictions about ROmney may be coming true!  Time and again, we have seen the TEA PARTY message and candidates being used to attract voters, but the GOP is not sincere in the end. 

But, it is what we have to deal with. What I suspect will happen is that IF Romney loses, TEA will be thrown under the bus.  I hope I am wrong.  Surely our opponents see the fragmentation within our party as an exploitable weakness.  No one knows this better than the former Governor of Alaska.

Even if it is just a suspicion, it does not make my sentiments any less accurate.  I still have doubts as to Romney's "winnability".  In politics, like in life, winning is in great part about having a psychological advantage over your opponent.  Everyone I know wants Obama to go, but I don't know anyone who actually likes Romney! The fact that there is some anxiety tell you something! Hopefully is all I hear lately.  HOpefully he will win.  HOpefully the GOP will get it right.  HOpefully Paul Ryan will help the ticket.  But doubt is a seed of destruction.  And "hopefully" shouldn't be the term to use given all that we have been through since 2008.  Yes, I hate the word "hopefully" because it makes me feel like we are at the mercy of the GOP geniuses again.  It is unpleasant to see what is happening. I am nagged by the feeling that Obama might have another four years.  HOpefully I am wrong.

To be able to feel like we can win, I have decided to surround myself with positive people.  I must ignore the other side (I mean the pushy Romney supporters who make things worse).  I must keep upbeat and CLASSY like Sarah does!  I will use a short clip by Jedediah Bila because of the way she shrugged this off as not a big deal.  It is a big deal, but I will, for the sake of being a team player, use it as a good example to follow. It still does not cover the fact that a very big mistake has been made.  So what, right?!  http://youtu.be/0B7X9YL40xs

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