Thursday, August 16, 2012

BLOG POST # 20             MORE GOOD NEWS! 
                                             Thank YOu Victory Film Group!

I have been feeling so bummed out about the COnvention, that I suspended my plans to go to Tampa, but I just got an invitation to join a wonderful event! Let's face it, being invited by Stephen Bannon and Diane Clohesy is hard to resist!!

         Citizens United Productions presents

            The Citizens United Theater
                                  at Liberty Plaza, 180 S. Morgan Street, Tampa, FL 33602

President David N. Bossie of Citizens United Productions – the premier conservative film studio in America – today announced the screening schedule of the Citizens United Theater at Liberty Plaza during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

“We are excited to once again host a theater at the RNC,” said Citizens United President David Bossie. “Four of our newest films will be shown during the course of the week, including the world premiere of ‘Our Sacred Honor,’ a historical piece hosted by...
Senator Rick Santorum. We will also be screening ‘Occupy Unmasked’ which was just acquired by Mark Cuban’s Magnet releasing and will be in theaters late September.”

The Citizens United Theater at Liberty Plaza is walking distance of the Tampa Times Forum where the RNC Convention is being held. The doors open a half hour before and a reception follows each of the screenings. More information here:

1. Occupy Unmasked
2.  Rendez-vous with Destiny
3.  The Hope and Change

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