Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Good news is hard to come by these days, so I must personally thank Karen Harrington for restoring my faith in the political process! She won the primary night, and WON BIG!

Karen won with 48% of the total vote. Joe Kaufman came in second with only 20%.

"Shark Tank" made mention of Harrington’s strong grass roots efforts in the article and she is challenging Debbie to five debates.  I can't wait!  See link below:

Having volunteered by campaigning door-to-door and helping out occasionally in other areas, I can say that Victory is even sweeter when you get involved!  I know I have been inspired to do all I can to help out. I had to get off my seat and go the extra mile (literally several hundred!) for someone who has kept her word, shown seriousness, maturity, and integrity overall. If I lived closer to the campaign office, I would do more. 

We knocked on doors, spoke with residents, placed yard signs, drove and walked all over District 23 in the knock-out summer heat -tiring work, indeed! and not glamorous at all!  Add to that the cost of gasoline and time away from family and other fun weekend activities. But it is fun and worth it because you know you are doing it on behalf of a great candidate.  That is what keeps you going. 

TEAM HARRINGTON is a group of really good people (and Tea Party activists) who are running a smart, clean campaign. They are also open to giving their candidate exposure in all areas, including interaction in new venues on Facebook such as ours (GOPAYL).

I am confident Karen can defeat Debbie in November; however, the left always finds ways to attack a person's character and not their record, so let's remember she is still vulnerable (they are merchants of smear after all!) and she still needs your support.  

To congratulate Karen, or to follow her progress on-line, you are welcome to join our unique On-going Event (via Facebook) at this link:!/events/443687228994878/

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