Sunday, August 12, 2012


August 12th, 2012.

This is a follow-up on Sarah Palin's appearance to day on Shannon Bream today on Fox.

A wonderful interview, indeed! As always. Sarah is pulling more than her weight for the Party.  And she's got the back of the one person who stabbed hers.  SHE is the statesman and the one who really loves the party more than herself.  That is the selfless patriot that Sarah is.

But.. I FEAR.. that no one can save Romney from himself. NOT the TEA PARTY. NOT Sarah. NOT Obama's abismal record. He is THAT BAD. ROmney is less likable than OBama. He does not connect with people. He is throwing his own VP pick under the bus already. I think the man has been handed a wonderful opportunity to to do what is right and he is too insecure, too petty and too surrounded by ADVISORS who don't have good intentions where the people are concerned ..
What is plan B in case he fails??? Other than the ones provided by Sarah Palin.. Yes, a majority in the Senate. Yes, a majority in the House. Yes, a new, revivied socially conservative pop culture. But, Obama really is still popular enough to pull this off. And a Chavez-like coup can easily destroy the Constitution he has no regard for. He can just rip it to shreds and declare himself the leader of the free world without further explanation. We are doing great as a movement, growing every day, but I have angst, real angst and our country is worth every bit of my effort to help it rise again. But I get afraid as the election nears.

I don't want to see 2008 again. I am sorry, I cannot tell a lie. It is worrying me. I can answer my own question by reading my own thoughts in a blog post I wrote one month ago "I AM A TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE and NOT A REPUBLICAN" but the obvious question is ... what happens if Obama really wins?

Everything we have predicted about ROmney is coming true. We can't do anythign about it, but He IS the major dud we all feared (and knew in our gut he'd be). It's all happening.. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but as the days get closer to Nov. 2, I cringe.

I read great links written by wonderful bloggers. I listen to great clips from our favorite shows, I see Sarah doing her part (above and beyond the call of duty, by the way), I see the TEA PARTY pitching in in good faith, I see wonderful Conservative Republicans stepping up to the plate like Karen Harrington and so many others who are taking it to the establishment! All for what? I know we all know Obama cannot have a second chance, What will happen IF Obama is re-elected? What if he can't be beat? Im that concerned Romney can't pull it off.

I find that sharing my "bad" thoughts generates ideas and solutions.  I welcome your feedback.

Have a great afternoon!

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