Friday, June 7, 2013

Bristol.Joan.Willow.Melissa. Wife Swap June 23 8 PM

The news and reaction to Bristol and Willow Palin going on Wife Swap is starting to get really annoying.

I am supporting Bristol and Willow 100%. This is a great occasion to showcase Conservative lifestyles. Bristol and Willow are mature, charming and well-grounded. Wife Swap is a fun show, and their participation in it will make it more wholesome. That is already changing the culture in a positive way.

I love Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa. They are hilarious together. Joan is surrounded by obnoxious liberal Hollywood. I tune in to her show, Fashion Police, for the jokes, but it is comprised of four hosts including Joan, and a guest mid-show, who critique actress of all types. Many Palinistas would  have enjoyed the segment on Julianne Moore the other day. She was wearing shoes that revealed her wild toes.. toes that hung over, under and all around her shoe straps. I happen to think she is a hideous fashionista, and this was hilarious to watch!

I have never heard Joan Rivers or anyone on her show ever utter a single rude thing about Sarah. She keeps things a little loose comedically, but professional overall. Unless the First Lady is wearing a nice outfit, you won't hear negatives about her or other politicians. I think it is intentional. The critiques are on point and Joan's punch lines make it all worth watching. I watch this for fun when I can. Unless I missed something, Conservatives need laughter every now and then to lighten our load!

I am giving a big thumbs UP to this mini-venture because we do need to try new things. It takes courage and confidence to INFILTRATE the culture like Sarah says, but it also takes patience. Nothing that is worth changing for the better happens overnight.
 We will never win the war culturally if we don't even begin to fight. Does that phrase sound familiar? 
Let's give this a chance. I am turned off by the many whiny comments I have read. They do not reflect who we or the Palins are. Let's not be holier-than-thou, and applaud this effort, at least for now.
In 2007, in full campaign season, Sarah Palin appeared on the lamest comedy show ever, SNL, which I call So-Not-Laughing, to prove she had a sense of humor.  

There are TOO FEW comedians on the right who make me laugh. Greg Gutfeld has been one who has been pretty funny lately.  I suggest we NOT SHY away from these opportunities, but make the best out of them to prove we are not uptight or afraid of being in a room full of people who are not Conservative. It sounds intimidating, but without practice, we will be like the GOP dorks who don't know cool if it came knocking at their door.

We either continue complaining about the comedians making Conservatives the butt of the joke all the time, or have some fun (even if at our expense at first) and start the process of improving entertainment from our point of view. 
Penetrating and even dominating the enemy's territory is what we are supposed to aim for. It is very Breitbartian in spirit and very Palin in reality. That's my two bits.
The Celebrity Wife Swap Episode Premiere
June 23 at 8pm EST on ABC, 8 p.m. ET.


  1. I support Bristol and Willow one million percent! I'm definitely in the Palin Family's corner.