Sunday, June 30, 2013

If John Adams Were Alive Today..


                      by Robert Cappucci
Independence Day is 4 days hence. If John Adams were alive today, here's what I would tell him, for openers:

I am from Massachusetts and I am oppressed.

I suffer attacks from the heterophobes.
My religion is constantly berated by those who seek to force us to pass out condoms and birth control and when we Catholics simply follow our faith in God we are chastised and falsely accused of "waging a war on women" even though one of our icons is our matriarch Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

I am taxed for sales, income, excises, gas, and the continuing list of taxes is so long there's not enough space on the internet to list them all.

I have not one representative in state or federal government because all of them are Democrats so no one speaks for me in the halls of justice. Taxation, without representation.

I am forced to purchase insurance for health simply because I exist and if I refuse to buy it then I am penalized by the government.

Foreigners invade my state, collect welfare from my taxes, use the welfare to purchase pressure cookers, fill them with shrapnel, and kill or maim my fellow citizens at public events like the Boston Marathon.

I am forced to watch tax cheats, "community organizers", radical activists, Communists and their sympathizers become my President, judges, directors of intelligence and security agencies, and when I speak up and out against this I am labeled a racist, or bigot, and evil 1%er whose only for the rich.

I turn on the media and they don't tell the truth about me, they lie to many to get them to vote Democrat, and they propagandize me right out of existence.

I am from Massachusetts and I am oppressed.

What would you do, John Adams? Patrick Henry? Samuel Adams? Thomas Jefferson? George Washington? What would you do?


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