Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is Really Going On in The GOP?

By Robert Cappucci
Robert Cappucci is a staunch and loyal Reagan Conservative, an avid Constitutionalist, and a passionate patriot who wants to do all he can to make this country great again. He has been actively involved in politics for a long time. He served in the Army Reserves when he was 29 years old. 
When he is not busy  campaigning during election season, he is out demonstrating on the streets of Boston getting in the face of OWS demonstrators, collecting signatures, or attending events related to politics. His devotion is for his dog, his job, and his desire to learn more about Conservatism. 
Robert's mission in life is to be a better Conservative, and to have Conservatives elected to local, state and federal office. Robert and I both agree there is a problem with the GOP, that it has been against We-the-People and we both want to get to the bottom of why it is they act against our interests. We agree that infiltration is part of the problem, although from slightly different perspectives. The issue is worth noting, discussing, and looking into in more depth. ~ Isabel Matos
I have to seriously ask and remember, this is just a question:

Ok, here goes: Is there really such a thing as a “moderate” Republican, or is it really something much, much worse:
  • Republican Governors expanding and supporting ObamaCare. Republican appointees to the Supreme Court giving the law the green light by calling it a “tax”. 
  • Republicans like Scott Brown voting to raise our taxes, but not having enough time to even read the bills he signs into law.
  •  Republicans like John Boehner not defunding ObamaCare, and suppressing Conservatives any chance he gets. 
  • Romney as GOP nominee alienating Conservatives and not even putting up that much of a fight to win the White House. 
  • RNC “leadership” PUSHING “moderate” after “moderate” after "moderate" and LOSING election after election, after election, yet still rallying behind other so-called “moderates” for more elections.
In the face of all this evidence, which I can prove by factual record, is it really “moderation” of the GOP or are these folks really just Democrats who have registered into our party to destroy it? Is it not a viable and honest question?
As a member of the Republican State Committee of Massachusetts, I have heard, first hand, other State Committee members rise to the floor and say things that reminded me of Tip O’Neill for Christ sakes. What is REALLY going on?
No one can deny that this isn’t a serious concern. How in the name of anything can Republicans willing vote to grant amnesty and create 10-20 million new Democrat voters (or more) that will surely make the GOP obsolete? Only one answer really fits. They are not “moderate” Republicans. They are either, quite frankly, stupid, or they are really liberals with GOP masks on. God help us.
It is NOT RACISM to follow the law! Anyone who claims otherwise I misleading the public and smearing good men an women, not to mention throwing Our Constitutional Rule of Law under the bus! I am sick to death of being called a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a wager of war on women, only or the rich.. I do not care who is making these false claims! GOD is watching, and you are bearing false witness.
Some day, somewhere, somehow, you will atone!

Conservatives need to rise up in the GOP and take over the party. You do so by attending Republican City/Town meetings and running for Chair and/or running for State Committee, and State Chair or national State Committeeman or National State Committeewoman. It will be by taking the reigns that we redirect the path of our elephant herd. By that, I mean, when conservatives control voter banks, party funds, and whom we do or whom we don't support as our candidates from dog catcher to president then we can fare Conservative candidates.
This is the article that elicited Robert's commentary:  

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  1. This is funny. Ironic. Everybody has Sarah Palin and her entire Family under 24 hour intense scrutiny, yet all of the other GOP politicians are scurrying about. Case in point: Where's Michele Bachmann? What she's up to? She, along with the other GOP, Conservatives and rhinos alike need to come out of hiding. Hell, Karl Rove needs to come out of his mouse hole.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!