Saturday, June 15, 2013

SARAH PALIN admonishes the GOP at the Faith and Freedom Coalition

Sarah Palin quoted Patrick Henry in preparation for what she had to tell the GOP at today's Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, adding that we must be willing to say the words that launched the Revolution, today: 

"I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" 

Sarah Palin was very thankful to the guests at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

"I am glad you've taken the time from family, work and home to be here. I can't thank you enough for being involved.. It's just so encouraging for me and Todd.. and for normal, average everyday Americans who are counting on you to have that stiff spine and to be bold, to push back what this movement that is Tyranny what it's doing our country. The great hope we can take away from your visit to Washington today is that Americans like Betsy Garretson and Tea Partiers already know all this, not only do they (you) value their Freedom, but are willing to fight for it.

In hundreds of towns across America, so many Americans are fighting the good fight. (I know I've met them, I've been in their homes and they've been in mine. And I've served them moose chili and blueberry pie..) They are the rock upon which we will build this new majority... And they are the voice that can reach millions of other patriots of all race color and creed, who also value the dignity and the opportunity of Freedom. They are the brave. They have kept faith with everything we love of this land of the Free, and we will have no hope of reclaiming this country, and we will deserve it even less if we fail to keep Faith with them.

That is the message that our leaders, our political leaders, especially in the GOP need to understand: you do not marginalize people, you don't discredit and dismiss every day, average hardworking Americans, those who are part of that Grass-Root Tea Party movement who want to effect positive change, because too often leaders are not  doing it! The people, We-the-people have to do it. We have to do it. We can't count on our politicians in Washington D.C. to do this for us..."

These screen shots were captured as she said all of the above during her message to the GOP:

Update (link) Sarah says we will not rebuild a majority by pandering and rewarding rule breakers via an Amnesty bill. She pokes fun at Jeb Bush's "fertility" comments to push his amnesty agenda, calling for better ways to make things work through debate.

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  1. That's right. Sarah Palin's back in the house. She gave one hell of an inspiring speech. Sarah was also witty at times, poking fun at SNL for not being on top of their game. Forgive me Sarah for sounding a bit sexist, but you have a great looking tan. You look wonderful.