Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm pissed!

                      by Isabel Matos
I'm pissed!

This is not just for Sarah Palin supporters who are my friends. This is for all GOP voters and so-called Republicans who think their party is doing them favors. They are not!

The GOP has gone after this woman, Sarah Palin, because they have known all along she has the answers we have needed to defeat Obama and to reverse the course this country is on, and they can't have it. They, and millions of voters who have questioned her abilities and qualifications in the past, are in part to blame for the state our union is in.

On days like this, I just can't help but think, how lazy, how apathetic and how over-confident voters are to believe that the party we belong to (the GOP) does all it can to win, and that the politicians we elect to go to Washington, do their jobs by fighting for our freedoms every day.

This is for all those voters who could, but won't, take an earnest and hard look at the predicament we are in, and who continue to ignore that one person who would be president now had they not listened to the lies and smears that were spread in 08 about Sarah Palin.

Had voters been wiser, they would have ignored the tabloid-like coverage from the Marxist Media, and seen for themselves what she had actually done and stood for, on her own, without accepting any special favors, money, or using family ties to advance herself.

I wish voters had ignored the deliberate distractions, and had actually seen for themselves what a wonderful person and candidate she was. I'm angry - angry that I have to urge voters (GOP voters!) to see something that is so painfully obvious.. that Sarah is a natural leader, that she has been leading us without a title since 2007.. and that her style of leadership is displayed by example, not just talk.

We are used to being lied to, so when someone comes along with the truth, she is reviled. I believe the mood and attitude towards her are changing, and I say this because I choose to be an optimist. She is exemplifying everything we need in times likes these. She is walking us through the worst we feared would come.

I saw immediately the rarity that she was! To me, she was perfect. I never understood the vitriol against her. Sarah is politically astute. She is the only Republican, with the exception of Ted Cruz , who is taking on this President and the GOP establishment alike. Our side continues to shirk its duties and ignore Obama's scandals. That is scandalous! They ignore his atrocious and treasonous actions and dangerously naive policies. (I'm being generous..)

The GOP Republicans are cowards! The President does not fear them. He still fears Sarah. He fears truth tellers like her who can rally the country against him. He fears her because she, unlike him and his wife, loves and respects this country. She, unlike him, has never stood down on anything she has said, or compromised her principles in exchange for personal power or cheap political gains.

Sarah is NOT corrupt. She is not morally bankrupt. She is not a coward. Unlike so many we know, she has standards she not only claims to have, but lives by. Only Sarah Palin has the steel spine to carry on while others find their niche in Washington and forget what they were sent to do there.

Our spineless representatives fear negative media coverage. They live to please the Democrats enough to avoid it. The fear of being made the target of personally destructive politics keeps them in their place. They are deplorable! I hate every last one who lives by fear.

John Boehner chooses to please the president more than he does represent his own constituents. That is why it is so hard to replace him as Speaker. He is too valuable for Obama, who gets most of his agenda passed without the slightest bit of resistance from him.

JeB Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio .. None can speak with the political clarity or moral authority that Sarah Palin does. None can take on the traitor in chief because they each have at a least one skeleton in their closet, or a personal shortcoming that can be used against them if they overstep their bounds or push for investigations that would lead to impeachment or removal of many in the Obama administration. What is going on is not just despicable. It is evil.

Sarah Palin not only knows the tremendous a predicament we are in is, she represents security for our country because she cannot be bribed, frightened off with the threat of the exposure of a scandal or blackmailed with any type of personal information she has that could compromise us.

How long will it take for GOP voters and Democrats or Independents with common sense and intellectual honesty to give this woman what she deserves: RESPECT and unconditional SUPPORT?

I am mad it has taken this long (and will still take long) for so many to open their eyes while the country's future hangs in the balance. Sarah Palin has proven that she is the only one fighting on our behalf, and the only one who can be trusted.. What then will it take for more to get it? She is doing her part, what are we doing to reach out to a wider base of supporters?

Who cares what her voice sounds like? Who cares whether you like her family or not, or whether you think she still needs to read more books, have more experience, or dress more conservatively. (I actually heard that comment in person and just about lost it when I did!)

Sarah has proven time after time, issue after issue, that she not only has the experience to be president, but she has the guts and the timing that come from instinct to do what is needed during times that try men's souls. Only masterful and natural politicians like her have done it in the past.

Because she is a woman, she is held to a different, and even impossible standard. This cannot be denied. America had better get used to it, because no one else has the unique qualifications, spine of steel, moral compass and bold personality that can help renew and restore our faith in America the Great again. No one.

For the nay-sayers in the establishment circles, and for the so-called Conservative Republicans (like the one I met at the New Orleans Investment Conference last October):

She never QUIT her job in Alaska. She did what was right by saving Alaskans from spending valuable time and state resources on dealing with frivolous lawsuits, all of which were dismissed! All. 25,000 emails also exposed nothing but integrity, honesty and professionalism.

To voters who repeat what they hear on television, you should ask yourselves why she is such a threat. You should wonder where the source of the criticism is coming from, and where you got your notion or impression of her. The media will never admit she is everything they claim she is not: that Sarah is savvy, that she is shrewd. And that she is damned good at what she does!

I'm ticked that people don't support someone who is willing to fight the way she does, and expose her family to the intense scrutiny and criticism they will get. I can't comprehend how anyone does not see the contrast between her and other so-called leaders of the "Tea Party"who prepare for their presidential campaigns for 2016. How shallow. Instead of giving, all they think about is what they can get.

We are blessed with an exceptional human being and an individual America can be proud of. When was the last time you felt proud of your country because of its politicians?

I am infuriated when voters complain about politicians not being honest, but when one comes along, it's not enough. Sarah speaks clearly. She does not make promises, or give false hopes of things that won't come. She does not sugar-coat the truth. She tells graduates they have to get off their butt to make a buck, and when she tell us hard times are coming, you had better believe they are. No one could be more practical or sensible.

She posts her comments directly on Facebook, too, while other politicians hire writers to work on their behalf.

I can't wait for the continuation of her endorsements for 2014. She is off to a great start already.
Sarah's support grows daily. I respect her. I will continue to share my enthusiasm for her with different friends (to expand the base). And I urge you to start spreading the news that were not going anywhere, that our resolve to fix this mess will only grow with time. We will follow Sarah's lead. Are you ready for the change that you are about to effect with your service in our nation's history? I am.

She is the one we will all need to turn to when the time comes for real change.  


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